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Bellroy Travel Folio Review – an amazing travel wallet.


The Bellroy Travel Folio Review is a high-quality, aesthetic, and durable wallet. An honest Bellroy Travel Folio review will agree that even though the wallet comes at a slightly higher price, users will obtain value for their money because it has a longer lifespan than the cheap variants. The wallet also comes with a passport-sized notebook that is very useful for scribbling down travel details or interesting observations made on the journey. It is the ideal folio for individuals who prefer keeping all their important documents, cash, and cards in a single zip. – Use the Power of Positive Thinking to Transform Your Life. To know more about it click here.


Bellroy Travel Folio Review – Specifications

The Bellroy Travel Folia’s dimensions measure 175 by 115 by 20mm. Its sleek design makes it ideal for concealability during travel. Despite its compactness, the wallet can carry many vital documents. The wallet can accommodate two passports, between four and eight cards, cash, and boarding passes. The wallet also weighs just 161g. Its low weight makes it the wallet of choice for travelers who want to reduce the mass of objects they carry.

Travel is all about peace of mind, and weighty items compromise its very essence. Order is one of the most paramount aspects of travel. A wallet in which items will be arranged haphazardly is no good. The Bellroy Travel Folio has a leather divider that hides cash and organizes cash.

Bellroy Travel Folio Review – Materials and aesthetics

The Bellroy Travel Folio is available in caramel, tangelo, navy, and black color options. It features premium genuine leather that is environmentally certified and gold rated from Leather Working tanneries to ensure durability. The leather is supple and soft. However, it is still a good practice to take care of it so that it does not end up water damaged and scratched. As a testimony to the confidence that they have in their wallet, The Bellroy Travel Folio comes with a three-year warranty. It is not the kind of wallet that would need replacement in a few months.

Bellroy Travel Folio Review – Micro pen

Travelling often involves paperwork at airports, customs, and so on. The Bellroy Folio is equipped with a macro pen that can prove to be quite useful. The travel wallet also has space to clip a full-size pen if you wish.

Bellroy Travel Folio Review – Sim-card slot

When you are traveling, you need a wallet that thinks ahead on your behalf. This is because due to the excitement, sometimes it is inevitable to overlook a few needs. This is where the Bellroy Travel Folio Review chips in. The wallet features a sim-card slot because it is often cheaper to use a local sim when abroad. The slot helps you safely store your sim, and also has an ejector pin.


Bellroy Travel Folio Review – Security is one of the vital aspects of travel, and any authentic Bellroy Travel review will applaud its safety features. There are usually critical travel itineraries, credit cards, cash, and so on that people carry along. To ensure that these are well protected, one should have a wallet that doesn’t compromise security.

This is where the Bellroy Travel Folio comes in. The folio has a zip closure that enables flexible storage, eliminating the risk of passports, credit cards, tickets, and so on dropping out. The folio also features RFID-blocking technology. Travels will have peace of mind knowing that their passport and hotel key card information will not be collected by criminals with an RFID reader.

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Does the Bellroy Travel Folio provide shipping?

Bellroy offers regular or express shipping to most addresses across the globe.

Where do I go if I have a question about the Bellroy Travel Folio?

You can contact them at

Does Bellroy be contacted via social media?

Yes. Bellroy has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.