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Boat Hire Malta – The Best Way to Explore the Islands


Renting a private boat will be a fantastic experience when visiting Malta. Choose from a selection of motorboats, RIBs, and gulets. Here’s some Interesting Information about sailing charters in Malta.

Malta provides the ideal setting for boating adventures, with its crystal-clear waters, beautiful beaches, and rich history – the perfect conditions for discovering its waterways by sea! However, before booking a rental, some key considerations must be kept in mind to ensure a successful experience.


Chartering a boat in Malta can be the ideal way to experience its islands, whether for one day or an extended visit. Boat hire companies provide a variety of boat types at reasonable rates, professional guidance services, and exclusive access to remote locations that can only be reached via waterway travel.

The Maltese archipelago boasts stunning coastlines and crystal clear waters, making it the ideal sailing holiday destination. Popular destinations include the Blue Lagoon and Gozo, where visitors can swim in warm waters and learn more about this island nation’s fascinating history.

Malta boasts an exciting nightlife, offering visitors plenty of bars and clubs to choose from. Valletta provides visitors with numerous pubs, while Sliema and St Julian’s are lively beachside towns. In between activities, visitors can visit museums or take part in other activities during the daytime.

Explore the island of Comino by renting a boat. It features breathtaking natural scenery and idyllic beaches like Ghadira Bay’s sparkling turquoise waters and white sand shoreline—an ideal family beach with low currents for safe swimming, conveniently close to restaurants and snack bars.


Renting a boat to explore Malta’s waters is the ideal way to appreciate her breathtaking beauty. Various types are available, from small speed boats to spacious RIBs. Make sure your rental company adheres to high safety standards and provides all equipment, such as life jackets and flares, as necessary.

The price for a yacht charter in Malta depends on several factors, including the type and size of the vessel, the duration, and whether or not a skipper is included; in some instances, it may be possible to rent without one, but in most instances, an international boating license will be required for larger vessels.

Malta’s Blue Lagoon is one of the top tourist attractions. The turquoise water makes for ideal swimming conditions, while there’s also much else to see and do in this tranquil oasis, including visiting one of three major islands of Malta and shipwrecks just off its coast.

When booking your Malta yacht charter, you must find a company offering an assortment of boats and amenities to fit all budgets. Click&amp Boat can assist in finding the ideal Malta boat hire to meet your needs; its search tool even features a map for easy navigation!


Malta boasts a Mediterranean climate that makes it an ideal location for boat rentals. The peak season for renting in Malta runs from June to September when temperatures are warm and waters remain calm, providing visitors a perfect opportunity to discover parts of Malta that would otherwise remain hidden by land – including hidden coves and beaches that cannot be accessed otherwise; boat hire also offers visitors a unique sightseeing experience as they see iconic landmarks of Malta from a new angle.

When renting a boat in Malta, make sure you find a company with an excellent reputation and safety standards. Read reviews from previous customers and consider cancellation policies and rental terms; some companies may even provide refunds or discounts if booking early.

Many companies providing boat rental in Malta provide the option of sailing with a skipper. This service can be especially beneficial to those who do not feel confident sailing solo or do not possess a yacht license. Skippers can customize sailing routes according to your tastes while serving as tour guides.

Remembering accidents are possible even for experienced sailors can be daunting, and their causes often stem from human error or disregard of rules. Therefore, it is vitally essential that sailors always adhere to their captain’s instructions for maximum safety and enjoyment on the seas.


The cost of boat hire in Malta will depend on the type and duration of the rental period; typically, though, prices include rent for the boat itself, professional skipper services, and fuel. A day trip in Malta typically ranges between 400 euros and 1250 euros inclusive of VAT, while for longer journeys, costs could increase according to vessel type and passenger count.

Malta offers the perfect setting to rent a boat and explore its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking beaches, providing the ideal destination for an exciting vacation or adventure with friends or family. A range of luxurious yachts, as well as smaller sailboats, can be rented. Peak season for boat rentals runs between June and September when temperatures are most comfortable for sailing experiences, however you can still experience boating between May and October as well.

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