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Burger Planet Food Truck


An established food truck takes the next step and launches a physical storefront with vintage arcade games, pinball, and a Star Wars theme. Catering services are also offered.

At an unexpected London food truck, Prince Harry surprised unsuspecting diners by serving burgers made with innovations from the 2022 winners of the Earthshot Prize, such as Notpla’s biodegradable cartons, Mukuru Clean Stoves’ cleaner-burning stoves, and Kheyti’s greenhouse-in-a-box produce from Kheyti.


Burger Planet Food Truck serves a range of delectable burgers that will take your breath away! On their menu are classic Carne Asada burgers and Asteroid Spuds to accompany their dishes. Customers also have the option to add salad or loaded fries if they wish – the staff here are also friendly and helpful, offering catering services as well!

The restaurant features space-themed decor. Booths and tables are painted a dark slate gray hue with pops of pink, cantaloupe, and Big Bird yellow for accent colors – even covering one wall completely in swirling mural designs made up of these colors!

Although this restaurant’s burgers are delicious, they do not compare with those found at other local burger joints in terms of taste or salt content – I don’t know if they use a cigarette smoker, but their food seems too salty for my liking – for instance, the Atomic Chicken Burger stands out amongst its peers as being too much of an overachiever!

Unbeknownst, customers at a London burger joint were surprised when Prince William, heir to the British throne, appeared to serve them meat-free burgers prepared using plant-based ingredients from 2022 Earthshot Prize winners. Mukuru Clean Stoves used for small farmers reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 90% compared to open-fire cooking.


These trucks offer delicious desserts to satisfy a sweet tooth craving at any event – or can even cater it. Choose Stony’s for their ethically sourced chocolate-covered bananas or Crepe Crazy’s delectable Florentine or Caprese crepes.

Orange County is a land of contrasts: yoga can be found alongside jello shots, natural wonders coexist with Mediterranean architecture, and sun-kissed beaches provide the ideal setting to overindulge in decadent desserts. Food trucks know this, as their mouthwatering menus demonstrate.

Burger Planet’s space-themed menu will indeed send your tastebuds into orbit. They specialize in cheddar cheese and Planet Sauce sandwiches on brioche buns for their Mercury-sized Planet Burger; for Jupiter-sized appetites, they also offer their classic and Carne Asada burgers as well as their Asteroid Spuds sides; other menu items include Onion Rings, Loaded Fries, or Tots as well as salad. Burger Planet plans on opening a brick-and-mortar location soon (pending health inspector approval), so you can visit them there as soon as they open and try out their new offerings.