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Candle Holders for Iron Walls: Instructions for Mounting


Iron candle holders for the wall have been used for lighting homes for centuries. These wall candle holders have been used to illuminate the halls of castles since the Middle Ages. These beautiful works of decorative art are employed nowadays to make a space feel cozier and more relaxed.

Before hanging these candles, you need to know the room’s layout and lighting conditions. This type of indoor wall lighting relies on candles, so before installing any, you should survey the space to ensure that the candles won’t be too close to flammable materials. This includes artwork, curtains, coat racks, and anything else that might catch fire if the candles were to be left burning.

Remember that candles produce wax, which can get on your furniture and walls if you’re not careful. You should probably protect your candle from dust and debris by placing a glass container over it. Glass can be clear, frosted, or tinted to suit your needs.

Deciding how far up the wall you want to mount the holders is also a good idea. You might want to put these holders out of reach if you have kids at home.

The next step is to measure each wall for placement after deciding whether you want a glass covering your candle and how high you want your holders on the walls. Measure how high up on the wall you want to put them based on how many you plan to put there. I propose you take a tape measure from the ground up the wall and make a pencil mark at the appropriate height. Move over 12 inches from where you just made one to make another mark on the wall. Two pencil marks, 12 inches apart in size, have been made on the wall.

Then, at the same height as the two pencil lines you made before, measure the width of the wall and record the result. Divide the wall width by the number of wall candles you plan to hang to determine how many holders you need. Mark the wall with a pencil dot at each location where a holder will be suspended once you have selected the spacing between them using a tape measure.

Place iron candle holders along the sides of wall art or a wall mirror by determining the distance you want each holder to be from the left and right sides of the artwork. Measure the distance from the wall art’s (or mirror’s) edge to the wall on both the left and right sides using a measuring tape. Verify that the outer dimensions on both sides are the same. You should do this again on both sides, but this time you should measure and mark 8 inches above and below your original marks.

Now that you have two pencil dots on either side of your artwork, you can use them as a straightforward guide to measure up the wall to the desired height and mark it with a pencil dot. If you mirror this process on the opposite side of the wall decor, the distance between the hooks on both sides will be uniform.

Cast iron candle holders on the wall are not precisely featherweight. You’ll need something called a wall anchor to hang these holders safely. Remember never to screw an iron candle holder into a plastered or dry-walled wall. You can’t expect it to support that much.

Small devices called wall anchors are installed into the wall in the same hole as a screw would go to support these candles. When employing a wall anchor, you can rest assured that a heavy fixture, like a metal sconce, will remain securely fastened to the wall and won’t come loose and collapse.

A wide variety of wall anchors are available, each designed to hold a specific size screw once it has been inserted into the wall. Wall anchors that resemble small, stubby plastic screws with a screw hole in the center are my go-to for affixing candle holders to the wall.

This anchor requires minimal effort to set. To hang your candle, drill a small hole (approximately half the diameter of the anchor) in the wall at the desired height. To install the anchor, drill a small hole, then screw it into the hole until it is flush with the wall. Repeat the preceding steps to attach the rest of the screws for your iron wall candle holder. Installing a wall sconce is as easy as inserting the necessary anchors, positioning the sconce over the anchors, and then screwing the holder to the wall. Just like that, you may relax knowing your candle sconce will not come loose from the wall.

Iron wall candle holders are works of art that may be found in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and materials. Their presence instantly improves the atmosphere of every room in which they are hung. You may add a touch of art passed down through the ages to multiple spaces in your house with minimal effort.

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