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Crackle Live TV is a first-rate online video streaming platform. Crackle live TV is owned by chicken soup for soul entertainment. The business of crackle live TV is giving benefits across 21 countries. People can watch crackle TV on their mobile, laptop, digital TV, and tablets. Crackle TV is available in three different languages English, Portuguese and Spanish.


On crackle TV, you can watch movies around 700 collections of movies and TV shows. Crackle TV offers a well-maintained page in which it provides a genre section in which you can choose a category you want to watch (action, comedy, drama, reality TV shows, and many more). The only limitation crackle lives TV offers is an advertisement. While watching the content, you get a 30-second advertisement break, and on the computer, the laptop, you cannot switch to another track. It offers full high-quality movies of 720ps.

Access – Crackle TV

You can find crackle TV everywhere, and it’s in your web browser so you can watch on a laptop or computer. You can access crackle TV can see crackle TV on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, LG, Samsung, and Sony. You can watch it on play station four also.

The Various Benefit Of Crackle TV

Free – crackle live TV does not need any subscription. It’s free to watch movies and TV shows. You only need to register yourself.

Update- At the end of each month, original content near about 20 new movies and TV series are added.

User interface – crackle TV is straightforward and easy to operate. You get a choice of over 200 movies. You click on one film. It straightforwardly took you the open without showing ads.

No sign-up – crackle TV does not require sign-up on your account. However, it might show the form to register yourself on the platform. The registration process is also relatively easy. It requires your name, email, and date of birth.

On-demand content- crackle TV offers users the on-demand range of movies, TV series, and popular series among kids’ shows.

Review and rating– crackle TV offers you to check the rating and review of each movie, and also you can comment or review your opinion about the series and give a rating accordingly.

Maintain your data– crackle TV administers your series through first watch relevance. It maintains a proper sequence for your watching list.

Keyword search -helps to minimize your time and work; by just typing the keywords of films or series, you can directly get your data.

Parental control and accessibility – 

Crackle live TV offer necessary parental control in the settings section to block the content not suitable for children. Crackle TV offers to set up a different account for you and your child.


 Crackle live TV gives you the benefit of watching the content free and does not require any payment or subscription packs to watch movies or series. It is compatible with both android and ios users. It gives a genre to choose the category of film or series you want to see. Crackle TV offers an excellent choice to the user to gain unlimited benefits.


Do crackle live TV requires payment to watch content?

No, crackle live TV is free.

In which languages I can watch the series?

In English, Spanish, and portegues language.

Is it mandatory to sign up for using crackle TV?

No, it is not mandatory. You can use it without sign up for your account.

I have an iPhone. Will the crackle application work on it?

Yes, it is compatible with both android and IOS.