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DIY Security Camera Systems: Ten Essential Guidelines


Try your hand at it. Every day, security camera systems rack up more and more converts. To save money, many property, home, and small company owners are willing to install their surveillance systems. Yes, of course! Some security camera system providers focus on serving “sweat equity” company leaders. Companies like SVAT Electronics, SecurityMan, and Swann Security offer turnkey solutions that include everything from hardware to software to 24/7 technical assistance in a single, convenient package.

Even while employing a professional to install a security camera system might cost thousands of dollars, the process has gotten much more straightforward. It can be done by anybody with basic DIY skills. Anyone who has installed a primary ethernet network or a home theater sound system should have no trouble setting up a security camera system from one of these manufacturers. The only thing lacking is the skill acquired via actual work with cameras. A camera is a far more intricate piece of machinery than a speaker. The effectiveness of a camera can be drastically altered by factors such as lighting and climate.

Here are ten common sense recommendations to keep in mind when setting up a surveillance camera system.

Remember that while weatherproofing is built into the cameras, the power supply is not necessarily the case when installing outdoor cameras that must use a local power source. Put the power adapter somewhere so it won’t be damaged by rain or snow. To help avoid damage, the power connection may need to be sealed. Many wired systems also use a cable type that serves both the video feed and the power feed, which is a crucial benefit of using a wired system.

2) Put the cameras in spots where they’ll be as safe from the elements as possible. If you want to assist in deterring vandalism by placing cameras, put them as high as you can.

Never secure the cameras’ mounting brackets and run cables until you’ve given the monitored region a “test view.” It would be a waste of time and effort to completely establish a camera system only to discover that it is not covering enough ground. Try out both daytime and nighttime surveillance.

4) Ensure that the monitored area and the location where your camera is positioned have similar levels of illumination. You won’t get a great picture if the camera is in a dark room and you’re watching a bright one, or vice versa. Make an effort to ensure that both chambers are adequately illuminated.

5) Pointing the cameras directly at the sun or another powerful light source could damage them. Even if it doesn’t break the camera, it could impede you from getting good shots.

Make sure the area you plan to watch has adequate lighting, either from the infrared LEDs on your night vision camera or from other sources.

Keep in mind that the range of a wireless security camera’s signal to the receiver will be diminished if it needs to travel through any obstacles, such as walls. More barriers mean a higher decline. Before mounting cameras permanently, make sure the view is clear.

Place a camera at each entrance if the installation is at a commercial building (number 8). Everyone who enters or exits the building will be recorded and/or observed in some way. DVRs save video from cameras with a time and date stamp. In the event of an occurrence, this might serve as irrefutable proof.

9) Occasionally, wipe all the camera lenses down with a soft, lint-free cloth. Doing so will guarantee the highest possible picture quality. Never wipe the lens with anything that could scratch it.

Put your digital video recorder (DVR) in a safe or locked cabinet. If the DVR is stolen, all evidence will be lost.

With any luck, you’ll be able to install your security camera system more efficiently and with less hassle by following these pointers.

F. William Davis has extensive experience in the security industry, including as a consultant, private security contractor, and designer of security systems. He has advised countless families and companies to install security cameras []. The security camera systems available at [] are among the best in the industry.

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