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Exactly why Your Dog Jumps on Persons and How to Stop It


As I got my Border Collie mix Sam from the neighborhood Humane Society, he had almost no problems, which is a godsend for just a rescued dog. In fact, as I inquired about Sam by using a phone call, the people at the Gentle Society said he was this can be the perfect dog. They explained to me that the only problem he was jumping up on was people. I thought, “that will be a simple solve”.

When I brought Ted home he really was very well behaved. He didn’t munch on things, he decided not to pee in the house and he decided not to bark very much. However, just about every chance he got yet jumped up on me. As I invited guests over, yet jump up on them.

Due to the fact, that Sam is a fairly significant dog weighing in at around 80 pounds, the item scared my friends when he dived on them. Even though I thought it may be an easy problem to fix, I became wrong. The reason why I was drastically wrong is that I had no idea the reason my dog was moving up on people in the first place, that is the primary problem. In order to cease unwanted behavior in your puppy, you first have to find out THE REASON your dog is exhibiting these kinds of behavior.

The following are a few main reasons why dogs jump on people as well as the solutions to those problems:

1) PROMINENCE: When a dog wants to end up being dominant it will attempt to declare things, this means people, furnishings, toys, areas of the house, etc. Jumping on people at times means your dog wants to “claim” that person as its own, that wants to raise its reputation in life, and wants every person around to know that it’s the rest leader. But, you can never allow your dog to be the leader: you’re the dominant one in particular, not your dog – you happen to be the pack leader.


Your dog that wants to be prominent is much harder to train never to jump up on people and will sometimes become aggressive in your direction as the owner when you make an effort to correct that training. So that you can stop dog jumping in terms of a dominant dog will be, not so much correct the behavior, yet let your dog know that You happen to be the alpha dog and to help make it your dog submissive to you along with your commands. Here are a few ways to commence exercising your dominance:

: Never allow your dog to be able to walk through a door or perhaps narrow passageway prior to doing
– Never allow your doggy to walk in front of you on a leash, simply beside you, or when you are out of the room.
– Teach your dog basic commands like sit and also stay by using “positive reinforcement”, which means you reward your dog using a treat, affection, or reward when it does what you want
: Practice a domination routine three times a week for a month. For example, Jack and Wendy Volhard, authors of many award-winning dog-training books, teach owners to do the following.

a Sit on the floor beside your puppy without saying anything
a Place your dog in the “down” position
o If your doggy gets up, put the pup back without saying whatever
o Keep your hands away from when your dog is decreased, and only put your hands with your dog when it tries to revisit up again
o Be still
o, Practice getting 30 minutes three times a week to get four weeks until you can make your canine go in the “down” situation from across the room.

That “domination ritual” will hold you as your dog’s alpha and let your dog know that occurs to be the boss. That way, in place of jumping up on you as well as other people, your dog will know “No” when it hears the word.

2) GREETING: Dogs will accept each other by smelling odor glands around the face, on the subject of people, the only way for your puppy to get to know them is by moving up! However, this is even now unwanted behavior.


The best way I solved this problem by having my large dog Mike is by placing a spray bottle of wine filled with water by the doorstep. Not all dogs have a problem with getting sprayed with water, most of them find it unpleasant just like my dog Sam will. So, I instructed friends to immediately pick up the particular spray bottle when they stepped into the house. As soon as my doggy began to jump up on these I told them to squirt him with water. After having a few times Sam ceased jumping up on my friends or me.

If your doggy does not respond to being dispersed with water (like Glowing Retrievers or other water-loving breeds) then you may try using any shock collar. Just match your dog with the shock dog collar and, with the remote at hand, have some friends or neighborhood friends come over and knock around the door and come in. As early as you see your dog beginning to think of jumping, press the key and shock your dog. It is a quick way for your dog to master that it’s not allowed to join people.

3) THE BEHAVIOR WILL BE REWARDED: When you come home from work and your dog to our lives up to greet you, you actually greet your dog back having hugs, kisses, and singing praise. When your dog to our lives up on the couch near to you, you cuddle along with it. However, when people come over to your dwelling to visit, you wonder the reason your dog jumps on them.


Stop rewarding unwanted actions – it’s that simple. If you want your dog to get up on you all the time as well as on other people or even with your furniture, then you need to be reliable.

Your dog does what gains him/her. If your dog learns that jumping up on persons gets it attention in addition to praise, then your dog perceives it’s OK to get all of the time.

The only way to correct that behavior is to make your dog want to do something in order to deserve praise possibly the privilege to jump on you actually. For example:

– When you go back home from work and your puppy jumps up to greet you actually, turn around and ignore the item. Or, do as I have, and spray your dog having water or use a jolt.
– Once your dog provides calmed down, then you can give your dog affection and request your dog to jump high on you. However, when you’re done, go back to ignoring your dog. This specifically shows your dog that, as long as you give him attention will be your dog allowed to pay attention to an individual. Also, you need to inform neighborhood friends, family members, and friends that can come over to never give the doggy attention when it jumps to them. Tell guests to completely disregard the dog or spray that with water when going for walks. Only when the dog provides understood its place is it possible or your guests to give devotion.
– When you sit on a particular couch, don’t allow your dog to be able to jump right up. Instead, choose your dog to sit and keep for a few moments before leaping up on the couch. As long as you say it’s ALRIGHT for the dog to join it is possible for the dog actually jumps on the particular couch.

Again, the only way to fix unwanted behavior in your doggy is consistency and self-control. Don’t reward unwanted behavior. Establish your dominance. As long as the dog is in a calm, arranged state of mind are you allowed to provide affection?

Your dog is passionate about self-interest. It only does actually gets rewarded for and exactly what it gets fed to get. A dog will understand bring about and effect. So, after you discipline your dog for excess behavior, you’re basically telling that the behavior warrants the unwanted effect, and ending that behavior equals an incentive.

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