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Nigeria is an impressively varied nation boasting beautiful natural landmarks and numerous festivals that make for an engaging visit. As a result, Nigeria provides an ideal opportunity for anyone interested in discovering more about Africa to do just that! The Amazing fact about naijauncut.

Africa is known for its vibrant culture and music scene. Notable African authors such as Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka can be found there.


Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, boasts an extensive history dating back centuries. Before colonialism came, its people lived in hunting and fishing communities and farming societies.

Centralized systems of government marked Nigeria’s development. These took shape as city-states, kingdoms, and empires throughout its region – such as Hausa dynasties in Northern Nigeria, Yoruba and Igbo kingdoms in the south, and Benin kingdoms in the northwest.

After the abolition of slavery in the 18th century, Britain began expanding their presence around Lagos. They gradually altered Nigeria by introducing European goods that didn’t exist here.


Nigeria is a highly varied nation, both culturally and linguistically. In addition, Nigeria boasts a long literary tradition, with several of its authors becoming internationally acclaimed.

Nigeria’s culture revolves around family and ancestral worship, with Islam and Christianity being the two predominant religions; however, many individuals also observe indigenous faiths.

Traditional religionists combine their practices with Islamic and Christian rites. One such method is Ancestor Possession, which holds that deceased relatives can still influence what happens after they go.

Ancient cities like Ife and Benin in the south of Nigeria are well known for their exquisite bronze work; some pieces are still being produced today and displayed at museums worldwide.


Nigerian cuisine is well-known for its wide range of delicious flavors, spices, and exotic ingredients, providing it with an abundance of mouthwatering dishes to choose from – everything from jollof rice and grilled fish to spicy chicken is available at restaurants throughout Nigeria.

Not all beverages need to contain alcohol – numerous non-alcoholic options exist to enjoy! One popular non-alcoholic option is palm wine, made from sap collected from various species of palm trees.

Zobo, a refreshing and flavorful drink made from the hibiscus plant leaves, is another popular beverage suitable for parties.

Pounded yam (Iyan) is another traditional Nigerian dish often eaten to accompany a vegetable stew or as part of the Iyan plate. Suya is another popular option: this skewered dish features marinated grilled meats seasoned with spices for an irresistibly tender result.


Music is an integral component of Nigerian culture, serving a range of functions ranging from ritual, entertainment, and celebrations to religious practices and special occasions. This often coincides with dancing or other forms of movement accompanied by song.

Religious music is integral to Nigerian life, particularly among Christians, who have become increasingly prominent.

Yoruba and Igbo peoples are widely revered for their intricate drumming traditions, including dundun and bata percussion ensembles and stringed instruments like the ikoro or slit gong.


Nigeria is home to diverse cultures and traditions, and festivals celebrate them for various reasons – some religious, while others commemorate essential events or honor specific deities.

There are also numerous street parades and carnivals across the country, from small community-led celebrations to large government-sponsored ones. One of the most acclaimed carnivals is Calabar Carnival which draws over 50,000 costumed participants and 2 million spectators annually.

Easter, which marks Jesus Christ’s resurrection after being crucified, is another famous religious holiday celebrated worldwide by Christians, including Nigeria. This festival takes place each year on April 24.

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