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Faze Rug Phone Number


Faze Rug is a widely recognized YouTube Star from America. He first gained fame through prank videos posted to his self-titled channel; one in particular called Cocaine Prank has garnered over 19 Million views!

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Brian Awadis aka FaZe Rug

Brian Rafat Awadis, also known by his YouTube username FaZe Rug, is an American vlogger, gamer, and actor with millions of subscribers on YouTube and renowned for posting hilarious prank videos such as Cocaine Prank or the infamous Sex Rat Prank. His videos have gained widespread renown among young viewers; two such pranks are Cocaine Prank and Sex Rat Prank, which gained immense traction among younger generations.

As a high schooler, Rug became addicted to video gaming and began documenting his exploits online. He initially sought to join his school’s basketball team, but being too tall was originally prohibitive. Rug discovered he could make money uploading his videos onto YouTube, after which he decided to drop out of college to focus on online gaming, where his videos instantly attracted an audience; today, he directs one of the largest gaming teams instantly recognizable over the web.

He maintains an active social media presence, with fans frequently asking him about himself and seeking answers on vlogs or social media channels. Additionally, he has done interviews for TV and radio programs and published an autobiography about himself.

His parents, both Chaldean Catholic immigrants from Tel Keppe, Iraq, own two stores while his mother works as a nurse. Brandon Awadis (his older brother) also enjoys making YouTube videos and has his channel on YouTube.

Faze first began his YouTube career as a gamer in 2010. His initial upload, known as the Cocaine Prank, became viral and garnered millions of views within 24 hours, prompting more pranks and garnering subscribers; today, his YouTube channel boasts over 20 million subscribers! Additionally, Faze regularly uploads Call of Duty videos as well as vlogs; however, his prank videos garner far more views.

Faze Rug has been seen appearing together in many videos on each of their respective channels. He also owns a pet dog named Bosley.


Faze Rug, known by his online name Faze Clan and boasting over 17.3 million subscribers on YouTube, is best known for his humorous prank videos and gaming teams that inspire many people. In addition to gaming videos, he also makes several vlogs. Incredibly, his channel has generated millions of dollars, which have helped finance an enviable lifestyle of luxury cars and designer clothing, as well as endorsements & other sources that could take his net worth to over $27 Million by 2023!

He began playing video games as a child, showing an affinity for it from an early age. His parents, Ron and Sana Awadis, hail from Iraq as refugees before coming to the US as permanent residents. Additionally, Brandon Awadis (his brother) also enjoys YouTuber fame; both brothers attended college for several years but eventually dropped out so as to focus on their YouTube careers instead.

In 2012, he created his self-titled YouTube channel and began posting Call of Duty gameplay videos. Later, with the help of his brother, he founded an esports organization known as FaZe Clan; on YouTube, his focus primarily consists of gaming-related pranks and challenges; moreover, he has recently released “Goin’ Live,” complete with a music video.

His most-watched video is the Cocaine Prank, with over 12 million views. Additionally, popular videos include FAILS COMPILATION and the New Year’s Family Party. He has dated various women, including Molly Eskam and Kaelyn Wilkins, who are currently living in California with his brother.

His parents hail from Iraq, and he refers to them in his movies as Mama and Papa Rug. Additionally, he’s a big fan of Kylie Jenner and Gucci products. Born November 19, 1996, and American by citizenship; Christian with Middle Eastern traditions who follows Christian practices while having many fans; busy with many responsibilities but manages to find time for friends and family.

Net worth

Faze Rug began his career on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook; however, YouTube videos have brought him the most significant recognition. Through his pranking skills and gaming videos, he amassed an audience of millions; this led to an exponential increase in his net worth as YouTube proved to be an effective method of turning profits via social media platforms.

In addition to his YouTube earnings, he also makes money through sponsored posts and merchandise sales. Furthermore, he has formed partnerships with different brands, such as Nissan and SteelSeries, to make a profit.

Faze Rug’s most significant source of income comes from his YouTube channel, with 17 million subscribers and over 23 million views earned for Cocaine Prank alone! Other successful YouTube videos by Faze include Call of Duty series videos and vlogs.

At first, this young prankster didn’t expect his channel to become such an unexpected success. While attended high school in San Diego and then college courses for one year before dropping out and dedicating all his efforts solely to video creation. Since then, he has gone full-time as a YouTuber, amassing an immense following through his videos.

He serves as an inspiration to young people, while his success serves as a role model to other YouTubers aspiring to join. Furthermore, his charitable initiatives demonstrate how he’s using his platform to help others.

He has many more channels dedicated to specific subjects like fitness and travel, with over 3 million Instagram followers and 10 million YouTube subscribers – one of the most influential and successful YouTubers ever! His videos are loved by viewers all around the globe – incredibly, such a young prankster has successfully navigated digital space! Hopefully he will continue expanding his empire.


Even as a young person, he has managed to earn millions in just a short period thanks to hard work and dedicating himself solely to his videos. His success serves as an inspiration to other youngsters looking to become YouTube celebrities themselves.

Faze Rug, popularly known by his screen name Brian Rafat Awadis, is an American YouTuber known for creating vlogs, challenges, gaming videos, and humorous pranks on his channel. As co-owner of the FaZe Clan esports team and one of YouTube’s most subscribed gamers, he boasts one of the highest realistic video qualities with highly entertaining results; these videos also boast massive popularity worldwide thanks to his fantastic prankster antics!

He became interested in video gaming when he failed to make it onto his school basketball team. Growing up as a naughty child who frequently pulled pranks on people, he found that other people were fascinated with watching his exploits on video – he soon recorded them and uploaded them onto YouTube, eventually becoming famous and earning money through them very early in life.

Rug was born and raised in San Diego, California, as part of an ordinary family. His parents are known as Mama Rug and Papa Rug and immigrated from Iraq; both brothers now use YouTube. Brandon also became involved with YouTube through their brother Bosley; both currently share a very close bond. Rug also owns two pets: Bosley, the pup dog, and Belly, the cat.

Rug is currently single and without a significant other; his focus lies on creating more videos and earning more before settling down. He has managed to steer clear of controversy while keeping his personal life private, maintaining close ties to both family and friends, and serving as an inspiration to young people looking to become YouTube stars themselves.