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Five Breakfast Food Trucks Near Me in NYC


New York City has food carts, trucks, and trailers offering innovative breakfast fare. Start with classic breakfast dishes such as oatmeal, or try something out-of-the-box like fusion breakfast sandwiches to give yourself an excellent start to each day.

On a budget? Check out this convenient location that serves delicious boiled tea eggs and curry fish balls – they make great on-the-go bites!

Mama Jo’s Breakfast Cart

Mama Jo’s is more than just a breakfast cart; it is an icon. Owner Joanna Despas hails from Greece and arrived in the US during the 1960s. Her coach serves American classics (bacon and egg sandwiches, omelets) as well as traditional Greek cuisines such as spanakopita, kolokithopita, and baklava; all served up with an impeccable level of customer service that earned her the name Mama Jo.”

Mama Jo’s has the sweet treats you crave when starting your day right – buttery croissants drenched in jelly and an assortment of donut flavors are among many. Additionally, protein satisfies those looking for an omelet or breakfast sandwich fix!

Lai Sheng Zhang and Natalie Wu operate a popular food truck offering southern Chinese cuisine in New York City. Lines often form early in the morning. Additionally, Lai Sheng is from Guangzhou in China but has lived here for four years, so when they missed its delicious Asian cuisine back home, they decided to open their food truck here in NYC.

Perishing Square

Underneath the Park Avenue Viaduct lies one of Midtown’s most beloved diners: Cafe Park Avenue Viaduct Diner offers breakfast all day long, lunch, and dinner; guests can also relax with drinks at their bar; they offer salads, pasta primavera dishes, grilled sandwiches and plenty of beer and cocktails too – making this diner an excellent spot to watch the bustle of business people go by and even appeared as the cafe where civilians sought refuge from Chitauri attack in Avengers Assemble (2012)!

At this eatery, you’ll find an impressive variety of cuisine, but its signature dishes include corned beef hash and omelet with bacon and vegetarian options that will please any meat-lover. Their service is prompt and efficient, and their lunch deal offers great value – an ideal spot to meet coworkers over lunch or catch up on urban news while sipping on signature cocktails; not to mention, their food fills you up! Unfortunately though, due to being close to a train station, the location can sometimes become noisy as noise can travel back from behind!

The Smith

Some things are delightful to have around. For instance, a Norah Jones album and a crisp white T-shirt or an adorable pup that sheds minimally and occasionally plays fetch are among them, and, of course, The Smith. This generic American bistro chain offers uninspiring dishes on plates reminiscent of those found at trendy hotel restaurants – perfect if you need a break.

Your food-obsessed friend might respond negatively when you suggest The Smith. Because this chain aims to cater to as many diners as possible, it may seem like just another mediocre eatery that cobbles together trendy features (Edison bulbs! subway tiling! truffle fries!) for maximum profit.

No shame should come with enjoying a delicious salad, burgers, shrimp, and grits in an inviting environment – which are precisely the kinds of meals offered at The Smith restaurant, featuring its spacious open space and friendly service that make it a popular spot for post-work drinks, quick dinners or group celebrations.

If you can’t make it into The Smith restaurant in person, don’t fret: postmates deliver and pickup services are here! Enter your address below to see fees, then check the menu to determine availability – even scheduling delivery for later if desired!

Andrews NYC Diner

New Yorkers know diners to be much more than casual eateries serving passable tuna melts on rye and brownie a la mode; cafes have long been integral to life across all five boroughs and neighborhoods. Unfortunately, though, diners are slowly disappearing – often being replaced with shiny new shops or cell phone stores; yet some beloved restaurants continue fighting to remain open despite these developments.

Andrews NYC Diner stands out as an exceptional dining option near the Horticultural Society of New York, offering tasty food at excellent prices in a welcoming atmosphere that caters well to families with young children. Customers have given it an outstanding rating of 4.4 out of 5.

This establishment is highly popular with tourists and locals, with plenty of seating and serving American food. Additionally, their staff are friendly and helpful – plus the menu covers breakfast through lunch and dinner!

Irene Siderakis, a single mother with four kids, has owned this diner since 2013. She has strongly disagreed with Gov. Cuomo’s coronavirus regulations and vows to fight for her rights as a business owner; she believes the state is trying to restrict how businesses are run.