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Gnu Image Manipulation Program Has 5 Awesome Features


GNU Image Manipulation Program is one of the most famous graphic editor applications available fancy-free on open source. It was designed and produced by Peter Mattis and Spencer Kimball in 1995. GNU Image Manipulation Program modifies and manipulates graphic images. That run on Linux and other supplementary platforms such as Macintosh, Windows OS, and UNIX based operating systems. It is available as per the licensing terms defined by the GNU project.

GIMP is one of the most common applications that you can find in any large Linux package like the ones distributed by Red-Hat. GIMP is a familiar tool used by professionals from the photography field. Anyone can download it directly from open source. GNU Image Manipulation Program is abundantly used to retouch photographs, change properties, and manipulate image compositions.


What are the most crucial photography features of the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)?

Here are the top five features of the GNU Image Manipulation Program that are essential for every graphic designer to enhance their creativity with impressive customization:


  1. FINEST QUALITY OF PHOTO MANIPULATION: GNU Image Manipulation Program has made its name in the photography niche. It is considered a synonym for imagination. With the right tools provided by the program, professionals can manipulate their work exclusively.


  1. PAINTING AND ARTWORK CREATION: GNU Image Manipulation Program offers a full array of image and painting tools like Airbrush, Pencil, Copy, Brush, Sketching, etc. Painting features work with a superior gradient editor and blending tools that support different brush patterns. The power lies in the hands of the creator to transform simple images into a marvellous artwork masterpiece.


  1. MANAGING GRAPHIC DESIGN ELEMENTS: The tile-based management system of this program helps in optimizing memory allocation. It means any number of images can be kept open at the same time. This program can help create exceptional artworks with icons and graphic design elements, interface components, and duplication. The user can manage these elements according to their needs.


  1. CUSTOMIZING PROGRAMMING ALGORITHMS: GNU Image Manipulation Program supports multi-languages like C, C++, Python, etc. It allows the developer to customize the program that is feasible with their creations. GIMP is known for a high-quality framework. It also supports layers and channels and full alpha support.


  1. THE FLEXIBILITY OF INTEGRATION: As the GNU Image Manipulation Program works with most of the available programming languages, it provides enough flexibility to its users. Programmers can integrate it with Python, scheme, and many more languages. Over 100 plug-ins allow the formats and effect filters to get integrated into the functions of the program.




GNU Image Manipulation Program is an expansible and stretchable program. GIMP can fulfil the creative requirements of creative graphic designers. It can do anything when it comes to images with its capability to be augmented. Plug-ins and extensions make it a limitless program for its user. Users keep it next to Adobe products like Photoshop and illustrator. It is a one-stop assorted solution for programmers and its users.


What Are Prominent Tools Used In GNU Image Manipulation Program?

• Brush Tools: paintbrush, blend, pencil, smudge, dodge, ink, clone, bucket-fill, airbrush, heal, etc. Selection tools: region select, lasso, scissors, fuzzy, etc. • Colour tools: brightness and contrast, posterize, desaturate, • Transform tools: Crop, Move, Rotate, Flip, Scale, Perspective, and Align tool. • Other feature tools: Path, Magnify, Colour-pick, and measure-tool.

Is GNU Image Manipulation Program A Free Program?

GIMP is a free image editing software.

Why Should You Use the GNU Image Manipulation Program?

The salient reason why you should use these programs are as follows: • It is free. • For Linux, it is better to use GIMP over any other program. • GNU Image Manipulation Program is portable.