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Golf Cart Phone Holder


Golf cart phone holders are essential accessories for anyone who uses their smartphone while playing, enabling users to comfortably and securely hold it without becoming distracting during gameplay. A proper phone holder must store your smartphone securely without hindering your performance or becoming distracting during gameplay.

The Stripebird magnetic golf cart holder provides an ultra-slim design that won’t interfere with your swing and accommodates all kinds of phones. Plus, dual Neodymium N52 magnet plates ensure gripping solid ability.


Your smartphone should always remain safe and accessible during play, enabling you to check GPS, record video and photos, answer calls, answer incoming texts, or return calls without hampering navigation or controlling clubs. A suitable golf cart phone holder will meet these criteria by fitting securely onto the golf cart while also being adjustable by rotating 360 degrees so you can find your preferred position.

Golf cart phone holders provide convenient solutions for keeping GPS within arm’s length and phones within easy reach for texting and calling while also freeing up space in standard cup holders that often hold drinks or other items. A good fit should easily attach to roof support beams without the need for tools or glue and should withstand even rough terrain with sudden stops and bumps without becoming loose during your golf cart ride.

There are a few models that are compatible with all major golf cart brands, such as EZGO TXT/RXV, Club Car DS/Precedent, and Yamaha carts. One such mount, KartKlip, is constructed from high-grade materials with rubberized gripping to prevent scratching and sliding; plus, its innovative design makes it secure during sudden stops or acceleration, providing accurate GPS readings while driving for the optimal golfing experience! This solution can help golfers who struggle to store their phones securely on the course maximize their time on the system by providing accurate GPS readings from every cart brand model available!

The Ampcaddy golf cart phone holder is an ideal solution for iPhone and Samsung owners. Easily attaching to an arm or dash of a golf cart, this clip holds most models even with protective cases attached securely and quickly without tools – perfect for those who struggle to secure traditional mounts with screws and bolts! Swiveling and rotating functionality offers improved visibility while playing.


Track your golf score or utilize GPS on the course with ease when using a phone holder! Either choose to put it in your standard cup holder – likely already full of drinks and objects – or attach one directly to your cart, such as one attached via a strong clamp or grip that keeps your device secure even on rough terrain and is easily adjusted so it faces different directions and angles.

This golf cart holder mount features a spring mechanism to hold your cell phone securely in place, making installation and use simple and flexible for different positions on a golf cart. Compatible with most iPhone models and Samsung phones, removal from this mount is quick and effortless when no longer required, and its 360-degree swivel fits seamlessly with mobile devices of various shapes and sizes.

This golf cart mount is specifically designed to fit all push carts and riding carts, from push to riding carts. It can be secured to roof support posts, dashes, or steering columns; its compact design allows it to fit a variety of frames; its adjustable base makes installation simpler; plus, it works with most protective cases!

This phone holder for golf carts is ideal for players playing on challenging courses. Crafted from high-grade materials that will withstand the rigors of golfing, its lightweight and compact size makes it convenient to carry. Plus, its one-year warranty and ergonomic design offer added peace of mind and make operation comfortable and stress-free!

This golf cart phone holder is easy to install and fits most brands of golf carts. Featuring a silicone clip mount that securely holds most mobile devices, its support is both rustproof and waterproof for use in all weather conditions, making this ideal for use on dashboards or anywhere else within a cart. Plus, rubber and silicone materials help prevent scratches.

Ease of use

Finding a safe spot to keep your phone while driving a golf cart can be difficult. Not only must it not just go in a standard cup holder, but you may need it for navigation or other apps as well. A golf cart phone holder provides the ideal solution. These holders keep your device at eye level for easy use; additionally, they’re vibration- and resistance-resistant.

DESERT FOX GOLF phone holders are designed to fit all brands and models of mobile phones, offering secure spring-loaded clamps that won’t damage their screens and 360-degree rotation to adjust the angle of view. Plus, it is lightweight and highly durable, making it suitable for golf cart use!

An excellent solution for golf cart phone holders is the ICARMOUNT mount, which features a flexible silicone clip to hold most phones securely while being easy to install and featuring a long neck that keeps the phone out of your line of vision. Although not the most practical choice, many golfers find this solution works perfectly well for them.

Golf cart phone holders that attach directly to the steering wheel can also be found, offering plenty of functionality and costing slightly more than its rivals. It features flip-up arms that adjust, flip-up lids that pop open for easier viewing, padded protection of your phone screen, and much more!

Whichever golf cart phone holder you opt for, ensure it features a secure clamp and is stable enough to remain securely in its place during a bumpy ride. Adjusting your phone while playing can disrupt focus and ensure it can easily be reached while sitting. Also, make sure it can easily access apps and keep score without hassle; read reviews first before making your purchase decision.

Resistance to the elements

Golf cart phone holders are an indispensable addition to your game when on the course by keeping your phone close at hand and easily accessible for scoring updates or directions, as well as keeping it from falling or bouncing around within your cart and potentially becoming distracted from its game. When choosing one, factors to keep in mind include compatibility, durability, and ease of use – among many others.

When choosing a golf cart phone holder, make sure it matches your phone model and case. There may even be universal phone holders that will hold multiple models. There are holders specifically made for cup holders, while others might fit better on steering wheels or dashboards. In addition, remember to consider both size and case before making a final selection.

The iTODOS Cell Phone Holder Mount Clip for Golf Cart is a simple yet stylish solution that easily attaches to your cart and keeps your phone within easy reach. It boasts a secure grip with easy adjustment capabilities and comes equipped with non-slip silicone pads to prevent accidental slips or scratches on your phone. plus has a built-in locking mechanism to stop unintentional removal from its position.

Another excellent feature of this holder is that it does not interfere with your mobile device’s sensors, meaning that GPS performance should remain uninterrupted on a golf cart. Furthermore, its vibration resistance makes it ideal for use in environments with rough terrain or fast speeds.

If you prefer more permanent solutions, the Stripebird magnetic phone holder is an excellent solution. Attach it to the railing bar of your golf cart, and its dual neodymium magnet plates (some of the strongest available) will securely hold onto any phone with cases or without. Plus, its adjustable base will fit any phone size while remaining stable during hard turns or high speeds!