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Hero Booking System-You’re Best Managing Partner



There are tons of Travel agencies and Tour operators that assist travellers in a smooth journey. And to make their jobs much easier is why they now have Hero Booking System. The design of their program is specifically for Travel Agencies and Activity Resellers. It is an organized solution for ticketing, bookings, and payments that reduces the back office process. Booking System provides every necessary reservation management tool that would improve the sale and finer the process.


Why is the Hero Booking System best for Travel Agents?


Managing travel business if more challenging for Travel agents as compare to Agencies and Operators. These agencies have dedicated teams and multiple systems to divide and work accordingly. However, a Travel Agent is handling everything on his own. So, as an aid, Hero Booking System is their all-in-one platform for bookings, tickets, and payments.


It is an independent space where the agents or activity resellers can take care of their work. All you need is the required software to get started. They also give them other benefits like uncapped commission and White-labelled B2B & B2B2C. Moreover, you can create a personalized itinerary with Hero Booking System with real-time rates and inventory accordingly.


Features of Hero Booking System


You have known enough about the system to guess how it can change the travel agent’s business for the better. However, let’s analyze further on what are the salient features it offers that would make operators go with the Hero Booking system right away:


  1. Grow Bookings – You can list every product in Hero Booking System to connect with online travel agents. Unlike other systems, you will receive every necessary information about them.


  1. Have fast payments – They initiate the payments before travel dates. Therefore, you will receive the net payments directly into your bank accounts without creating invoices.


  1. Integration – Hero Booking System will fuse with your current reservation system for live agent bookings.


  1. Security of Funds – Your funds are safe and secured with them. However, you will get your payments weekly.


  1. Set Standard Commissions – You will have full control over your net rates and commissions. Moreover, you can set a standard rate for your preferred agent working with Hero Booking System.


  1. Get Easy refunds – With the Hero Booking System, you don’t need to worry about No-Shows. You will not face loss for it. And they also simplify the process for refunds that leads to no chaos.


  1. Increase Sales – Use the “intercom” messaging feature of Hero Booking System to promote your brand and increase your customers.


  1. Receive reports – All business needs weekly, monthly, or annual reports to check if their business is doing well. And Hero Booking System generates these reports for you to compare your performances and plan your strategies accordingly.



To sum up, every business needs assistance to perform better. Organizations like Hero Booking have the purpose of turning things easier with everyone in the tour business. With everything they have to offer, it will make every Travel Agent’s work effortless and trouble-free. What makes them extraordinary is how approachable their staff is. They all are there to talk you through with any queries or doubts. So if you are new in the tourism market, go with Hero Booking System without any second thoughts.


What is the cost of using the Hero Booking System?

They have a free version available for you to use.

Can I have a trial for their system?


What are their system requirements?

You would need SAAS Software.