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How to Make Your Century 21 Business Cards Stand Out From the Competition


Century 21 business cards can help promote your real estate services effectively, drawing in more clients while setting yourself apart from competitors.

Before designing your card, it’s essential to understand your brand identity and aesthetic to select appropriate colors, fonts, and designs. Doing this will allow for easier decision-making regarding colors, fonts, and design choices for your card.


As a Century 21 network real estate agent, you want your business cards to set you apart from competitors. A creative and unique design will do just that – these colorful cards feature vibrant edges to grab prospects’ attention, while contact icons on the back make getting in touch easier for leads.

This Century 21 business card is both simple and effective. Using their company logo as its focal point and clearly labeled on the back, this business card helps your leads remember who they spoke with, leading them to refer more business your way down the line.

Another fantastic Century 21 business card, this one stands out by using bold colors and an eye-catching shape. Furthermore, its logo has been debossed and embossed for an exquisite feel – ideal for agents specializing in luxury properties like condos or townhomes.

This card stands out from its competition due to its vibrant black color and gold foil, creating an eye-catching modern aesthetic suited for agents specializing in luxury properties such as Century 21.

These business cards were designed to help Century 21 agents distinguish themselves and connect with leads more effectively. Not only are they eye-catching, but they also communicate their brand’s core identity: to “defy mediocrity.” Blue symbolizes trustworthiness, while the period emphasizes their brand adjective limitless.

Century 21 business cards were designed to reflect their new branding campaign. Their vibrant colors and gold accents stand out against the black background and feature a QR code on the back to direct potential clients directly to your website – an effective way of showing prospective clients your digital presence and how you can help them find their dream home!


To make your Century 21 business cards stand out, they must be high quality. Additionally, ensure all information can be easily read by selecting fonts and sizes that are easy to read, and avoid including images as these could give the wrong impression to potential clients.

One way to enhance the quality of your business cards is by opting for thicker paper stock. This will not only protect against damage but will also make them appear more professional; high-quality papers can be purchased online or from local printers.

One way to enhance the quality of your business cards is to select a unique printing technique. This will make them look more expensive and unique while adding class to your brand image – which is particularly essential if your goal is to attract high-end clientele.

Real estate agents are always on the move and, therefore, require business cards that can withstand wear and tear. Selecting thicker paper stocks ensures your cards will endure longer. Furthermore, embossing logos on them adds further protection and longevity.

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Make your real estate business cards look more professional by opting for a custom cut with a unique shape. This will ensure your card stands out from the pack, drawing more customers. Add metallic accents for an even more significant visual impact!

As you design Century 21 business cards, remembering your branding and marketing message is paramount. Without this knowledge, creating memorable cards that attract potential customers may prove challenging. By taking time and care in planning their design, you can ensure it makes an unforgettable impression on customers who view it.


Century 21 business cards are typically printed on some card stock, with visual effects, printing methods, and costs all depending on cultural norms and individual preferences. 350g/m2, 45kg weight, or 12 pt thickness paper stocks are most often chosen; plastic laminate coating, UV, or aqueous varnishing may further increase the durability of cards.

Not every business card must be printed on paper or card – some unique business cards made from nontraditional materials like plastic, rubberized cards, and natural wood can make an unforgettable impression on recipients. Designed to stand out, these unique business cards can convey messages or promote brands without using paper and cards exclusively.

When selecting materials for your business card, ensure they reflect your company’s brand and image. For instance, if your brand is whimsical and playful, use bright colors to draw the eye of customers toward its logo on the front of the card and consider bold typefaces to grab their attention.

Whether you are an established professional or just entering real estate, having effective business cards to promote your services is vitally important. These cards should serve as part of your marketing campaign and help reach potential clients while keeping in contact with existing ones; additionally, they serve as a handy reminder when not within arm’s reach of either phone or computer.

If you want to create an unforgettable business card, try including a photograph that conveys your individuality and expertise. Customers will remember you better this way, and it can show your customers the nature of what services or expertise you offer them. A quality photograph should have good contrast and resolution; pictures with excessive pink, magenta, or blue will print poorly, and overly stylized pictures won’t represent yourself accurately.


As a Century 21 real estate agent, having an attractive business card is critical to effectively marketing yourself. Their recent rebrand has been met with overwhelming support; therefore, you should ensure your cards showcase this trendiness by featuring their new color scheme and logo and being thick enough and sturdy enough to distinguish themselves from others in their industry.

Compass business cards are sophisticated and elegant, featuring their new logo on the front. Furthermore, there’s a subtle watermark and detailing for added flair – ideal for high-end clientele and an excellent way to show your affiliation with this company.

Brown Harris Stevens business cards are an effective way of showing your affiliation with their firm, specifically their ultra-exclusive Select New Development Marketing division and its properties. These business cards provide the ideal way to showcase high-end properties.

Fox Real Estate’s business card offers another outstanding solution. Its straightforward layout and subdued colors convey luxury without overstepping boundaries, making this an excellent complement for their 64-story limestone skyscraper in Tribeca – 520 Park Avenue.

Fox Real Estate takes an innovative approach to branding with its business card design, featuring an eye-catching southwestern-inspired font and creative tagline that stands out from competitors. Additionally, gold foil accents add a luxurious feel that will ensure clients feel they’re receiving premium service – perfect for selling high-end condos in Manhattan or luxury waterfront homes in Washington, D.C. These cards will help your Century 21 benefits get noticed by potential clients.