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How to Use a Sports Betting Odds Calculator


Betting odds come in various forms, representing the implied probability of success and how much can be won from betting on specific teams or games. The Interesting Info about Online Casino Malaysia.

Our sports betting odds calculator is an easy and quick way to estimate potential winnings on any bet. Enter the amount and format of your chance.

American odds

Odds are an integral component of sports betting, representing implied probability and the amount a bettor could win by betting on one team or another.

American odds differ from other formats by being displayed with three digits, often alongside a plus or minus sign for ease of understanding and calculation.

Understanding American odds is vital when betting on sports. They’re usually expressed as money lines, point spreads, or total bets.

These odds indicate the favorite (opposing) and underdog (positive) teams in any game and inform bettors how much money must be bet for $100 to win back that amount in winnings.

Fractional odds

Fractional odds are an intuitive method that has become widely adopted in Europe and Britain, offering an easy way of communicating the potential profit associated with betting relative to stake amount.

Fractional odds consist of two numbers separated by a slash; the one on the left indicates your winnings, while the one on the right indicates how much is required as a stake.

Fractional odds’ profit potential can be calculated using an implied probability calculator for sports betting odds, with higher probability events having greater chances of occurring. If something has a high probability, its likelihood is increased relative to its prospects.

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Assigning low probabilities to events indicates their chances of occurring are decreased compared to events with high probabilities. Therefore, sportsbooks adjust their numbers when calculating implied probabilities to gain an edge over average bettors.

Decimal odds

Decimal odds are the preferred format used by most online sportsbooks, accessible for customers to comprehend and with fewer idiosyncrasies than American or fractional odds.

Decimal odds can be easily calculated by multiplying your stake (bet amount) by the odds; for instance, a $100 bet on Manchester United to defeat Newcastle at decimal odds of 1.82 would result in winnings of up to $182.

Decimal odds, also known as European odds, are widely popular worldwide. This is because calculation only takes a few seconds and is easier to understand than American or fractional odds.

Implied probability

When starting in sports betting, the implied probability is one of the critical tools you’ll need to understand. It is essential to any effective betting strategy and can help identify valuable value bets.

Generally, longer odds decrease your likelihood of winning an event or selection. For example, if the odds of winning a coin toss are 1.95 in Australia and 1.95 in England, respectively, that implies an implied probability of 50% that Australia will win and 50% for England.

Therefore, when placing a bet, ensure either team has at least a 50-50 chance of victory and use an odds calculator to assess implied probabilities of bets.

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