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Instructions for Putting in a New Water Filtration System


Our antiquated and malfunctioning complex water treatment system had to be replaced. I got a terrible headache from drinking the tap water, so we sprung for bottled water instead. It costs me over $500 yearly to buy 10 gallons of gas weekly. After reviewing the available material, I identified three solutions allowing us to obtain potable water for roughly 9.7 cents per gallon instead of the standard rate of $1.00.

We researched the options and settled on an Aquasana system for treating the water throughout the house. I replaced the water softener in the garage with a drinking water treatment unit that I installed myself. Thanks to this water purification system, we could take filtered showers, wash our dishes, and pass our clothing.

The water is conditioned without salt in this complex water treatment system. Before needing to be replaced, it can filter up to 300,000 gallons of water. I installed a water meter that could track consumption up to 9 billion gallons so that I could monitor water usage more closely.

Under the kitchen sink, we installed an Aquasana Premium Under-counter Water Filter to cleanse the water before it was used for drinking. This filter can remove contaminants at the 0.995% level. Compared to bottled water, this is just as good, if not better, and it hasn’t given me any headaches.

For this filtered water, I put a porcelain faucet on our kitchen sink. To install this faucet, I drilled a hole in the porcelain basin. This is a difficult task that requires precision. Hire a plumber if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself.

I researched the tips and equipment suggested for drilling porcelain. A pricey and specialized drill set is available for the sole purpose of making holes in porcelain. I needed to prepare a 5/8″ hole for the new faucet and fashioned my jig. The largest of the two brass washers I bought had an internal diameter of 3/4 inches, and I used rubber-based glue to attach it to the sink where the new faucet would go.

After waiting at least 10 minutes, remove the 3/4″ washer from the adhesive and use a Dremel tool fitted with a diamond bit to cut through the porcelain inside. It isn’t easy to do this without breaking or chipping the porcelain behind the brass washer. Putting water within the brass washer will reduce the temperature of the drill bit and the brass washer, keeping the operating area cool.

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The second step is to insert a brass washer with a 3/4″ OD and a 1/4″ ID into the hub of the other brass washer. Using a spacer with a 1/4″ OD and a 1/16″ ID is also recommended within the smaller brass washer. You can now position the faucet’s center with pinpoint accuracy. Drill a pilot hole through the spacer, the porcelain, and the metal using the Dremel tool and diamond bit again.

Step three involves detaching the huge brass washer from the sink and removing the spacer. It dissipates heat from the porcelain beneath it. Now, at the location shown above, drill a 1/4″ starting hole through the porcelain and metal of the sink.

The fourth step is carefully drilling a 5/8″ hole in the sink using a 5/8″ carbide hole saw drill bit. Verify that the hole saw drill has sufficient clearance to fit into the middle of the large brass washer. Keep everything in this hole drill and sink below the boiling point of water by drilling slowly and constantly adding water.

After you’ve completed the hole, you can remove the brass washer by tapping it off with a screwdriver or hammer, taking care not to crack the sink’s porcelain. Porcelain is inflexible and challenging to repair. Once you have cleaned out the excess glue from the sink, you should have a clean hole in the porcelain. The faucet cover plate is there to hide flaws. The sink is ready for you to install your new faucet.

Following the manufacturer’s directions, connect the hoses from the final-stage filter to the new sink’s faucet. Check for water leaks by turning the water on. Tighten any loose connections again. Follow the filter’s directions for how long to let the water run through it. You may now experience the difference that Aquasana Premium filtered water makes in flavor.

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Hello, my name is Bruce Countryman, and I am a retired electrical engineer passionate about creating new things. I’ve put in new flooring, tiled sinks, and a bathtub in the bathroom and master bedroom. I have redone the flooring in the kitchen and family room and refurbished all of the cabinetry.

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