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Instructions for Putting on Car Vinyl Decals


Installing a vinyl graphics package on your car is a cheap modification that can completely transform its appearance. A decal for a car typically has three parts. Before being applied to a vehicle, the decal is held together by its first, or top, layer. The wax backing protects the adhesive from the elements while the decal rests in the middle.

Things You’ll Have to Have:

Decal Vinyl

Application fluid or soapy water in a spray bottle is available for purchase.

(Use one teaspoon of gentle soap for 1 liter of water.)

Towel Paper Reel

How to Do It Yourself in Easy Steps:

First, ensure the decal application area and the exterior of your automobile are entirely free of any grease or dust that could prevent the sticker from sticking. When drying the vehicle, use a cloth that won’t leave lint behind.

Stickers will bubble and peel if you clean them with powerful ammonia-based chemicals (like Window Cleaner) within a few weeks after placement.

Second, make sure all three layers are intact before performing a test fit of the decal on your automobile to choose where you want to place the graphic.

Third, moisten the area with the spray bottle before attaching the sticker. Avoid any patches of dryness at all costs.

Then, spray the adhesive side of the decal lightly with the soap-water combination and reapply the decal. Do not remove the protective covering just yet.

Fifth, position the decal on the car’s surface with the adhesive side facing up. Gently move the decal in the direction of your choice to make any necessary adjustments to its placement. Use caution to avoid ripping it.

If you want to prevent creasing the vinyl while applying a considerable graphic, we suggest enlisting the aid of a friend or two.

Step 6: Working from the center outward, squeegee all of the fluid and bubbles from the vinyl. If required, do this step multiple times to ensure that all of the air and soap water is removed from under the decal.

Once you’ve applied the decal to your car, step seven is to spray the entire sticker to remove the adhesive. Repeat the squeegeeing process to eliminate any last bits of moisture or air.

Eight, pause for a moment. Depending on the temperature, you’ll need to leave the decal on your car for half an hour to an hour. If you don’t have time to let it cure naturally, you can speed up the drying process by using a blow dryer set to a low setting on the decal. After the decal has dried, the top application layer can be peeled off swiftly. Remove the top layer carefully; if the vinyl comes off, start over at Step 6. Wait until the last coat is dry before attempting removal.

If there is any excess vinyl around the corners of your car, trim it with a razor. Use a blow dryer to dry it before pinching the edges into place around the door frames and gas caps.

10. respray the decal and drag the squeegee over it to remove any remaining air bubbles to ensure it is completely smooth. Wait 24 hours before washing, waxing, or driving in rain/snow, but you can go without worrying about the decals coming off.

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