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JoJo Siwa WhatsApp Number – How to Get in Touch With the Teen Reality Star


JoJo Siwa (nee Joelle Joanie Siwa) is an American teenage actress, dancer, singer, and social media influencer best known for appearing on the Lifetime Reality Series “Dance Moms” but was eventually eliminated after 9 Weeks.

She quickly rose to fame after the release of her music videos, appearing in several Hollywood films and releasing single songs with millions of followers on both TikTok and YouTube Channels.


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Jojo Siwa is an internationally famous American TikTok and YouTube star with millions of fans and followers, celebrated for her colorful bows and dance videos. Additionally, she has established herself as an actress, recently appearing in several movies and TV shows. Furthermore, she released her music and released merchandise under her label.

Siwa began her dancing career by competing in Abby Lee Miller’s ALDC contest from 2015-2016; though the competition was tough, Siwa persevered through it all to join Chloe as an A-team dancer with Abby Lee Dance Company.

Siwa also runs her own YouTube channel and fashion vlogger account, which have amassed over 20 million views combined. She’s written a book called Jojo’s Ultimate Guide to Success, launched her jewelry line called BowBow, and recently created her bow brand named “BowBow.”

Siwa was raised by her mother, Jessalynn, who runs her dance studio in Omaha, and her father, Tom, a chiropractor. Siwa has one brother named Jayden, who is also an online influencer and vlogger.

JoJo Siwa maintains active Instagram and YouTube accounts where she uploads musicals. She recently completed the construction of her designer house in Omaha, Nebraska, with thousands of followers following along for each musical. Siwa does not list her phone number online, but fans can leave messages in the comments section on YouTube videos, email her directly, or dial 01+1 to contact her directly by telephone if calling her now from abroad.


Email is a form of communication that allows individuals to send messages directly without having to call or text each other, making it ideal for celebrities reaching out to fans. In addition to emails, some celebrities also utilize social media in order to connect with followers; many celebrities maintain websites where fans can comment about them while also posting photos and videos of themselves; this also allows fans to leave either positive or negative reviews about them on these sites; regardless of these comments’ impact, remember that these celebrities are still human and can be affected by what others say about them.

At nine, Siwa began her professional dancing career by participating in Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms show. Although victorious in that arena, her real breakthrough came on YouTube, where she quickly established herself as an influential force within her industry – her dancing skills and catchy music have quickly won over audiences, while her message of inclusivity and acceptance has made her an inspiring role model for young people everywhere.

Siwa boasts more than one million subscribers on YouTube and millions more across Instagram and Tiktok, where she regularly posts updates about her lavish lifestyle. In addition, she owns her clothing line and has appeared in multiple television shows, performing in sold-out arenas, further illustrating that Siwa has an exciting future ahead of her.

JoJo’s meteoric rise can be credited to her exceptional dancing abilities and unique personality. Her success has earned her lucrative contracts from several companies, such as Nickelodeon, which released products modeled after Siwa-inspired effects. Her infectious positivity has won over audiences of all ages.

Siwa is an American actress, singer, dancer and vlogger. She hails from a chiropractic family; her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, is a professional dance instructor – two influences that helped develop her hip-hop and ballet dance styles further. Additionally, she has taken part in reality competitions to demonstrate these disciplines further as an expert performer, and she is also active as an advocate of inclusive values in society.

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JoJo Siwa may be best known as a dancer, but she has since broadened her talents to become an accomplished actress and YouTube star with millions of subscribers – becoming a source of inspiration to young people everywhere.

Jojo Siwa has made quite an impactful mark in her acting career over the years. She has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows such as Jojo’s The J Team, Bounce 2022, and The Fruitties Are Back – garnering over 3 million YouTube subscribers and 15 million TikTok followers – not to mention being nominated for several awards, which she eventually won such as Favorite Viral Music Artist,” Favorite Musical YouTube Creator,” Favorite Social Music Star.”

Siwa’s success can be traced to her appearance on “Dance Moms.” From this appearance, she became widely known and was able to build an immense fan base online through YouTube – her dance videos being some of the most watched on the platform with over one billion views! Siwa boasts a vast and supportive fan base that constantly backs her in whatever endeavors she pursues.

Siwa is best known for her acting and dancing career; however, she also serves as a vlogger, blogger, and fashion designer. She has collaborated with a wide variety of brands while boasting an immense following on Instagram; additionally, she owns JoJo Siwa Hair by Mo Twirl – her range of hair products that fans can buy.

Siwa purchased her home in Los Angeles suburb Tarzana for $3.5 million in 2020 and gave a tour on YouTube, sparking considerable fan curiosity about both herself and her lifestyle. Many followers eagerly wait for updates.

JoJo Siwa has amassed an incredible fan base worldwide, and her popularity continues to increase daily. Once an under-achieving child dancer, Siwa has found success at an astonishingly young age and has become an inspirational figure among her followers. Although facing numerous obstacles during her journey to fame, Siwa remains optimistic for a successful future and plans on setting new milestones along her journey.

Social Media Accounts

JoJo Siwa uses her social media accounts as an invaluable means of reaching her fans. With millions of followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat alone, YouTube music videos, vlogs that have proven popular with viewers, merchandise sales promotions, and events, JoJo’s followers have access to her on these platforms and beyond!

Siwa first gained recognition through her dance-related content on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and Dance Moms. Soon after that, her popularity led to a partnership with Nickelodeon that encompassed consumer products, original programming, social media presence, and live events – she is also widely respected for her signature large hair bows and colorful wardrobe choices that are iconic icons within the entertainment world.

Siwa recently purchased a $3.5 million home in Tarzana, California, that features a spacious living area, kitchen, and two bathrooms, as well as an enormous merch room. She regularly shares her lavish lifestyle on her YouTube channel; one video shared the stunning new residence.

Siwa has established herself as one of the most beloved dancers and social media influencers today, making waves both professionally and socially. Not only has she found a successful dancing and social media career, but she is also an accomplished singer/actress whose debut single, “Boomerang,” became an international success, and sold-out arenas all across America have hosted her performances. Siwa’s engaging personality, combined with her affinity for bows, has cemented her status as an influential tween influencer across social media.

Siwa boasts millions of followers across YouTube and Instagram accounts, as well as over one million subscribers to her music channel. She uses her vlogs as an integral way of engaging her audience and documenting daily life experiences. Siwa has also served as an ambassador for several brands, including Nickelodeon, as well as voice acting for an Angry Birds Movie voiceover role.

Siwa recently made headlines when she announced she is lesbian. With support from celebrity friends such as Kim Kardashian and Kerry Washington, Siwa announced Kylie Prew as her long-term girlfriend, though they live apart.

Siwa has long been an outspoken champion for equality. She has spoken publicly about her experiences as a black female dancer and publicly criticized celebrities’ treatment of LGBTQ individuals, at one point calling Candace Cameron Bure the “rudest celebrity ever.”