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Mac Repair Solutions


Technology is a beautiful thing. It has allowed us to access the wonders of the internet, to connect with all corners of the world, and to blow past boundaries that had previously been impossible to conquer.

That said, even with unique devices like Mac computers, common issues pop up all the time. Thankfully, we have a few simple solutions to common Mac problems. Check out the guide and give yourself the tools to get your Mac back on track.

Zip Files are Corrupted

Compressing files into a “zip” file is a standard solution for sending files in bulk. You may run into a situation where the zip files have been corrupted. If you’ve been wondering how to fix corrupted zip files, it is easier than you think. Consider it one of those simple tech tips that get you going in the right direction.

Have a zip recovery tool ready to go. Fire it up and choose the corrupted folder, then right-click and choose the file you want. You can also repair the zip archive by opening Terminal in the Utilities. Type “zip – F –out” Follow the prompts to complete the process.

Wi-fi Isn’t Working

There may be no more aggravating technical issue than the wi-fi not working. You can’t access any online features without them, so it becomes imperative to find a solution sooner rather than later. There are a couple of quick solutions and one that is a bit more comprehensive.

Try restarting the Mac. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to correct minor issues. You can also reset the network. Go to your System Preferences, then Network. Delete the network, then add it back once again. Finally, you can go to System Preferences, then Network, and click “Assist Me.” You will be able to run the diagnostic tool from here, which can provide suggestions for resolving the issue.

You Get the Spinning Beach Ball

Mac users know the spinning beach ball and have come to despise it. When that multi-color beach ball is spinning, you have nothing left to do but wait for whatever process it’s waiting on to finish. Getting the beach ball on a regular basis can get to be aggravating very quickly.

A quick fix is to kill any relevant processes. Go into the Utility menu and choose Activity Monitor. Force any relevant applications to close, and it should free up short-term memory. If that doesn’t work, there’s another solution, but it isn’t quick. You can reinstall the operating system by booting your Mac into recovery mode (Command + R). When you get to the Utilities window, click “Reinstall MacOS” and follow the instructions during the installation process.

The Mouse Isn’t Working

Some people don’t like to use the trackpad; instead, they opt to use a mouse on their MacBook. If you come to find that the mouse isn’t working suddenly, you need to find a solution. Sure, the trackpad can be used as a short-term solution, but you need to get to the bottom of the issue so that the mouse can be used once again.

First, check for any noticeable hardware damage. Check out the USB hub, give it a quick wipe, and ensure that there isn’t anything blatantly wrong. You may also run into a software issue where the trackpad conflicts with the mouse. Check this option by going into Accessibility and clicking on the Mouse & Trackpad option. From here, click “ignore trackpad.” In some cases, that simple step can ensure that the mouse is the only one being detected by the computer, though that isn’t necessarily always going to be the case.

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