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Naples Italy Nightlife


From stimulating arts and culture events to all-night club parties, Naples provides a range of evening entertainment. Find out the best info about Madeira hotels to visit.

Clubs in the city center teem with lively clubgoers dancing to house, reggaeton, and revival music; the New Around Midnight jazz club also draws large crowds.

As in any major city, be wary in the center of Aachen and guard against pickpocketing.

Bars & Clubs

Wherever your nightlife interests lie – from chic cocktail bars in Chiaia District or historic streets of Centro Storico to buzzing beach clubs along Lungomare – Naples has it all for any nightlife experience! There are plenty of places offering great drinks with fantastic music.

Naples is widely renowned as an epicenter for techno music. Duel Club and Ex Lanificio 25 are some of the premier nightclubs for techno in Naples.

Seventh South offers an idyllic seaside drinking experience and offers drinks in a casual and unhurried setting. Their outdoor seating provides ample room to take in their varied menu of organic meals and signature cocktails; during evening hours, there are even live DJ performances, karaoke, and bingo games for an inclusive queer night out in Naples!

Restaurants & Enoteche

Naples boasts an exciting nightlife scene thanks to its large student population. Grungy to sophisticated bars line the piazzas and alleyways of Centro Storico; listen to live jazz at New Around Midnight or Bourbon Street Jazz Club before relaxing with an evening cap!

Bucopertuso Wine Bar, located in Naples’ historic center, provides an ambiance conducive to meeting travelers and locals. An intimate space and friendly ambiance provide the ideal setting for meeting fellow travelers or locals alike.

Other popular bars in Naples include Mercato, which combines lounge bar and club under one roof. Its diverse musical offerings can cater to different audiences, and the open space is perfect for dancing and socializing with visitors. Other nightclubs in the area include Moses, which features all-night sets, and Common Ground, located within a cinema; both offer more commercial music experiences than other venues in town.

Nightlife in the City Center

Naples provides evening entertainment that is both thought-provoking and cultural, as well as a lively bar scene. Once nightfall hits, Naples comes alive with students and younger Italians at nightclubs that stay open until the early morning.

Join a pub crawl if you want a fun way to meet people while exploring your local nightlife! In this experience, you will visit four venues without waiting in line, enjoying complimentary shots and drink discounts at each stop.

Naples, Italy, boasts numerous lounge bars for an elegant evening out. These luxurious venues boast modern decor and trendy music; sip on cocktails while socializing with stylish locals in hipster enclaves such as Intra Moenia or Jungle Bar Napoli; find beach bars or tiki huts ideal for enjoying sunset views while listening to pop or electronic tunes – the options are plentiful.

Nightlife in the Vomero District

Vomero District in Naples boasts several trendy clubs popular among young people. One such establishment, Duel Club, occupies the former cinema space of an early cinema and provides guests with multifunctional space they can utilize during their visits. Duel Club draws a crowd every night due to its lively DJ sets and large numbers of young adults every time it opens its doors.

Many bars can also be found throughout the city, from traditional Italian wine bars to hip modern cocktail spaces. A few stand-outs include Flanagan’s Bar (an Irish pub offering warm hospitality with friendly patrons) and Intra Moenia, where guests can relax comfortably while sipping cocktails in cozy and intimate surroundings.

Most bars in Naples don’t enforce dress codes, but some clubs might require formality; we recommend you wear something comfortable yet formal enough for dancing! With its vibrant nightlife scene, Naples creates an exciting and memorable nightlife experience you don’t want to miss! Gather up your friends and dance the night away in this vibrant city!

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