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Online Business Review – Finch


Finch is an investment platform that automates investing by channeling cash from users’ checking accounts into curated portfolios. They plan to offer credit-building features, too – which could make an incredible difference for consumers. Finch works with Plaid to encrypt all financial information for added safety for investors.

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Finch may not be as transparent with their security practices as some of their competitors, but they do work with Plaid to secure account information, and your funds should be safe should anything go wrong with investing with Finch. Also, note that credit building is unavailable through them but will soon become an available feature.

Severity Level 1 – Primary business services, significant applications, and mission-critical systems have been interrupted or significantly degraded across all providers or are severely impaired to an unusable state. When this occurs, Customer should cooperate reasonably with Finch in resolving this issue by providing all necessary resources necessary for resolution; service level credits will then be applied as a reduction on future invoices submitted by Finch to Customer.