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ORNL FCU Auto Loan Rates


ORNL Federal Credit Union, founded in 1948 and currently operating with 28 branches throughout Tennessee and Kentucky, provides members with auto loan rates, personal loans, and financial services that meet their needs.

The Credit Union provides competitive personal loan rates without hidden service charges or prepayment penalties, making refinancing options easy.

Get the Best Rates

ORNL FCU provides excellent auto loan rates, whether you are purchasing or refinancing an existing car. With low rates and no prepayment penalties, reaching your car purchase goals should be easy and stress-free. Apply online and be approved quickly! ORNL FCU also boasts lower fees than many lenders, such as no up-front and origination fees – they even boast low doc requirements and fast turnaround time!

Get a Personal Loan

Even with perfect credit, finding personal loans at reasonable rates may still be challenging. One solution could be applying for one through a bank or credit union. Each loan program imposes its eligibility requirements but typically requires proof of identity, address, and income – such as pay stubs, W2s, bank statements, mortgage statements, utility bills, or tax returns – before providing loans. Online lending options provide another great resource for comparison shopping and rate comparing. Some lenders allow prequalification with soft credit checks that won’t impact your score, and finally, local community banks and credit unions often offer interactive teller machines or mobile apps to provide services to their members.

Get a Refinance

Refinancing can help save you money on monthly payments and interest rates, so always consult your lender if it makes sense. Your lender should provide you with a loan disclosure three business days before closing that outlines rates, closing costs, and property information as well as your right of rescission period – known as three business day period of decision.

ORNL FCU recently honored seven randomly selected members’ auto loan balances ultimately through its Enrichment program. Discover more.