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Rim to River 100 – West Virginia’s First Ultramarathon


Rim to River 100 is West Virginia’s inaugural ultramarathon at New River Gorge National Park. The out-and-back course combines winding single track & rail-to-trail from its starting point on the rim down through to its riverine course, offering stunning waterfalls, white waters, and dramatic vistas! Don’t miss this epic race!

Emily Flinn was new to hundred-mile running when she signed up for Rim to River. To prepare, she trained hard and made sure her fueling was on point.

The Course

Rim to River Trail Race provides runners a rare opportunity to run through West Virginia’s New River Gorge National Park on its 100-mile trail race course, from single track and rail-to-trail paths all the way down along its banks, through waterfalls, whitewater rapids, dramatic views, centuries-old cemeteries, and abandoned mine shafts. Runners will discover waterfalls, whitewater rapids, panoramic views, breathtaking waterfalls, and abandoned mine shafts along this challenging yet enjoyable course!

Emily Flinn, first-place finisher in the 2021 Rim to River race, credits a supportive training plan and team as being critical factors to her success. For long runs on trails, she preferred treadmill use only when time or weather made that impossible; additionally, she worked with a coach to mentally prepare.

She began by running the distances and pace of each race she would compete in, then increased both to improve mental toughness. Once at the starting line, she felt ready for what would prove to be one of her toughest challenges yet.

For runners looking for an extra challenge, the New River Gorge Trifecta presents an unparalleled endurance experience. Conquer Cabin Fever 50K, Falling Water 100K, and Rim to River 100M within one calendar year to earn your NRG Trifecta buckle and join an exclusive group of runners who have completed all three races simultaneously!


The course features four 25K (15.5 miles) loops beginning and ending at ACE Adventure Resort before heading into New River Gorge National Park. Runners will experience this incredible landscape along winding single-track trails, railroad tracks, cliffside pathways, and waterfalls before testing their rock-hopping skills at Arbuckle Creek crossing before being rewarded with breathtaking views – each loop features 2,400′ in elevation gain/loss!

Emily Flinn had just become a new mother when she decided to run the Rim to River 100 ultramarathon – the area’s sole 100-mile ultramarathon – nine years ago. Initially, her son responded with caution by telling her that running this distance would make her crazy and make him even crazier! “You are crazy!” was his response.

She knew it would be challenging, yet she knew she would finish. To prepare, she ran trails for most of her training runs while using treadmills only when necessary. Furthermore, she ran twice on the course to become familiar with its conditions.

Running solo or in relay teams of two to four, competitors have 32 hours to finish the course within their allotted time limit and receive a T-shirt upon registering for this race. Finishers who complete within that allotted time will also receive a custom Rim to River 100 belt buckle as well as a locally handcrafted finisher’s mug from local artisans. Complete the New River Gorge Trifecta of Cabin Fever 50K, Falling Water 100K, and Rim to River 100 within 24 hours, and you’ll also receive an exclusive sub-24-hour belt buckle!


With all the excitement surrounding the New River Gorge’s recent designation as a National Park, nothing demonstrates this unique region better than an endurance challenge like Rim to River 100. As West Virginia’s inaugural 100-mile trail race, participants get to explore this incredible region like never before with winding single-track and rail-to-trail trails running from rim to river bottom in multiple loops, including waterfalls, whitewater rapids, breathtaking vistas, and dramatic viewpoints along the way!

Emily Flinn has been running for nine years but was taken aback when her two sons thought it was crazy for her to attempt running a 100 miler! But Emily made sure this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity remained fulfilling and took every advantage possible in making the experience memorable and fulfilling.

Your race strategy was to train hard on the trails while maintaining an optimistic attitude. She found an outstanding pacer in Mike Busick, an ultrasignup veteran with 47 ultras and trail races under his belt, who helped her overcome mental and physical hurdles like knee injuries, blisters, and temporary cortical blindness before crossing the finish line with her sons watching behind – an unforgettable moment that makes this event truly remarkable for all participants.