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Safely Mounting a Candle Holder on the Wall


Choosing a wall sconce with integrated safety features is the first step in safely mounting a candle holder on the wall. Choose a hurricane glass or other glass enclosing the candle from top to bottom whenever possible. If you have carpet or walls, you don’t have to worry about wax getting on them because of this feature.

Next, ensure the sconce is placed safely away from anything that could catch fire, such as curtains, wall art, coat racks, or other similar items.

Now you must decide how high up the wall to mount the sconce. When determining how high on the wall to mount your candle holder, you should consider your preferences and needs. Think about whether or not there will be little children or elderly people there. Your pet might come too close. Is this wall lamp destined for a busy thoroughfare?

After deciding where on the wall to hang your candle holder, the next step is to fasten the sconce to the wall securely. You can safely mount your wall candle in one of two methods. Always double-check that your sconce can be securely attached to the wall.

Using a wall anchor is the first step in installing a wall sconce. These anchors for the wall are available with different-sized screws. Given the range of available anchor sizes, it’s essential to pick one that fits the screw you intend to use. The wall candle won’t be firmly fastened to the wall if the anchor is too large for the screw. The candle holder can topple over while the candle burns, resulting in a wax spill or the candle itself falling. If you want your wall sconce to stay put, use a suitable wall anchor when installing it.

You can also use mounting brackets for hanging potted plants and other heavy items on the wall to secure your candle. You can find these wall brackets at any hardware or home improvement store. They are also widely available online. It doesn’t take long to discover the ideal frame for mounting your sconce to the wall online.

A second option is to light the candle and allow the wax to drip over the bottom of the candle holder. Put the candle on top of the molten wax so it sticks to the holder. Even if the candle holder is knocked over, the candle will remain in place.

Let’s take a moment to go through the proper way to mount candle holders on a wall.

Make sure your sconce has a glass cover to keep the wax where it belongs, on the holder.
Second, you need to be sure there are no potential ignition sources near your wall candle.
Third, consider your needs to determine how high you should mount the sconce on the wall.
Use the proper wall anchors or mounting brackets to secure the candle firmly.
5. Drizzle molten wax on the base of the candle holder, then set the candle on top of the resin to form a secure bond.

That settles the matter. If you take the necessary precautions, your wall sconce will provide years of lovely illumination. You may rest easy knowing you’ve identified and eliminated potential risks.

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