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Second-Floor Vinyl Replacement Window Installation


You can utilize several tips and tactics to make replacing the windows on the upper floor of a two-story house safer and more accessible. If the frames are of the replacement variety, installation can be accomplished from inside the home; the only difference from installing windows on the ground level is the need for an extension ladder while caulking the exterior. Let’s discuss installing second-story retrofit windows. Unless you have a picture window, which requires an extension ladder to reach the stops holding the glass in place, the old window can be removed from the inside of the house. Afterward, you can take a tool knife inside to separate the glass from the window’s frame. Protect the floor beneath the window with a tarp in case any shards of glass fall to the ground during removal. Keep the space under the window clear of people and pets as well.

You can replace a window without leaving your home when the time comes. It is important to remember that retrofit frames must be installed from the outside and lifted into position. Instead, you should bring the window inside. Get rid of the screen and the sliding panel if you have one. The window can be installed as if it were outside by angling the frame through the aperture, extending the retrofit lip beyond the opening, and bringing the window back toward you. Put a screw into the upper center of the frame and have your assistant hold the center bar as you do so. You may complete the entire setup without leaving the house. When you are ready to caulk the exterior, only then will you need to use the extension ladder. Be sure you use a lot of caulk to seal the joint between the top of the frame and the stucco or other outside material. Water penetrating the new structure could eventually find its way into the home through the ceiling or the walls. Removing the sliding panels and screens allows two persons to install an 8′ wide by 5′ tall sliding window on the second floor. My assistant and I constructed a 10′ wide by 5′ high one. As far as second-floor jobs go, that was the largest I’d ever completed. Before installing the new frame, you can caulk the exterior of the old structure from the inside of the room.

Things get trickier if you’re trying to put in a photo window. There are no removable panels to reduce weight, and it is more challenging to maintain a secure grasp on the frame. On the plus side, second-story picture windows rarely exceed 3 square feet in size. I have access to suction cups used in the glass business, which is helpful if you need help installing a large picture window or several smaller ones. They can be fastened to the pane of glass and used as convenient grips when bringing the frame outside via the slit. If you want to purchase suction cups, please get in touch with me through my website, How to install windows. The cheapest, more minor variants can be purchased in quantities of one for roughly $40.

If you’ve been putting off replacing your old windows because you thought it would be too difficult to reach the windows on the second floor, think again. We’ll talk about patio door roller replacement next week. Sliding glass doors that have become difficult to open may benefit significantly from new rollers.

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