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Snaptravel is one of the best search engines for hotel bookings. And therefore, it requires an embracive Snaptravel Reviews. SnapTravel is a digital web browser that gives you hotel deals tailored to your specific requirements almost instantly. An app now sends order information and boarding passes through the use of Facebook Messenger.

They have built their name in the industry. People also enjoy the facilities that snap travel offers to their customers. If you still want to know more about it. We will discuss it more in Snaptravel Reviews.


Before, anything we will do comprehensive from the start about SnapTravel reviews.

Snaptravel Reviews was founded in 2016 by Fazal and his co-founder Henry Shi (CTO). Users can find and book hotels and flights using conversational resources including, SMS and Facebook Messenger. 

SnapTravel pioneers are reaching out beyond hotel and flight bookings to expand their platform to other e-commerce verticals. SnapTravel has created Snapcommerce, which will serve as the enormous umbrella brand for various products which come under the Snap banner.


SnapTravel has found success as a result of its deals and “app-less” business model. The company collects thousands of hotel listings from various sources. It uses data mining algorithms to narrow them down to the best options based on cost, venue, quality, and overall value.

SnapTravel is not a fully automatic option, unlike many other chatbots on the market today. The networks bot component assists with onboarding and can answer the user’s questions, but when things get complicated, agents can step in. For instance, if you book your flight and it got cancelled because of any reason, an agent will respond to your query and help you get out of the trouble.

How Does SnapTravel Work?

It is now as easy as texting a friend to book a room. Users can access SnapTravel via Facebook Messenger or SMS.

  • Searching Made Easy

Please include your city, dates, and priorities in your post.

  • Create a Contract

We give you exclusive offers that are only possible via private 1:1 messaging.

  • Create a Reservation

In a few clicks, you can complete your reservation and obtain instant confirmation.


  • SnapTravel advertises 24/7 customer support as a perk in addition to special discounted hotel prices sent via email.
  • The quality of their customer service is excellent. If you have any questions after getting their messages, you may respond to chat with an intelligent bot.
  • The upgrades to hotels at no discount are engaging features by SnapTravel. It ensures they will approach your hotel the morning of your stay to discuss a decent rate for you.
  • When you use a referral code, you will also get 10% off your first booking.
  • You can obtain a full refund as well as a voucher to use in the future. If you are not able to check into the hotel for your SnapTravel reservation, 

SnapTravel can get around this restriction because it only shows prices in private, one-on-one chats rather than on the internet.

After giving SnapTravel a spin and comparing prices with other sites along the way, users are getting some of the best hotel deals around, particularly in cities. If you are looking for a hotel in a densely populated area, SnapTravel is likely to have a deal for you.

Snapcommerce will extend into new verticals leveraging the AI-powered architecture that underpins SnapTravel.


Who was the founder of SnapTravel?

Fazal and Henrys Hi.

What is Snapcommerce?

It is a new feature of SnapTravel. It will help to expand the business to a new level.