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The 15 best paid Australia-based engineering jobs


For engineers around the world, Australia is a dream destination. That’s because there are opportunities for engineers in every sector imaginable. Apart from brimming with opportunities for engineers, Australia also offers some of the best pay scales for engineering jobs. So, if you’re an aspiring engineer, Australia is a destination to consider moving to in the future. And if you’re Australian by birth and an aspiring engineer as well, you can count yourself lucky to have been born in a country that’s as engineer-friendly as Australia. To know more about forum profile links click here.

But what are the best-paying engineering jobs in the land down under? To find out, read on as we take you through the most attractive job opportunities for engineers in Australia right now. Towards the end of the article, we’ll also highlight the importance of engineer’s insurance. So, without any further delays, let’s get the list started.

1. Petroleum engineer

We’ll start the list with the most lucrative engineering job in Australia – petroleum engineer. Petroleum engineers are responsible for geographic surveying to identify oil and natural gas fields from great depths under the earth’s surface. Once they complete surveying, they are also required to retrieve the oil and natural gas through different methods. They also make drilling site recommendations to retrieval teams by considering various factors such as cost, effort, and feasibility.

Average annual salary: $131,000

2. Mining engineer

Mining engineers are responsible for providing technical support for a diverse array of operations. They are typically involved in capital mining projects, and their jobs include selecting equipment for mining operations and providing mining construction estimates. They are also required to rebuild, customize, upgrade, and troubleshoot mining equipment.

Average annual salary: $122,000

3. Electrical engineer

The main responsibilities of an electrical engineer are to test electrical processes and install them. They are also required to develop new electrical power-based systems. Their work involves making detailed calculations and the development of standards and specifications about construction, installation, and manufacturing.

Average annual salary: $114,000

4. Civil engineer

A civil engineer’s main task is to determine construction feasibility by analyzing site locations and their surrounding areas. Civil engineers can work independently if they possess a professional engineer’s license. They rely on computer software for the development of plans and designs. Civil engineers are also responsible for resolving design challenges.

Average annual salary: $110,000

5. Transport engineer

Transport engineers develop, design, plan and schedule transportation systems. It’s the work of transport engineers that ensures the completion of transportation projects within budgets. Transport engineers predominantly work in the construction, airport, railway, technology, and traffic industries.

Average annual salary: $100,500

6. Nuclear engineer

The job of a nuclear engineer is the second-most rewarding as far as engineering jobs go in Australia. Anatomic engineer primarily works in the development and analysis of systems, instruments, and processes used for deriving the benefits of radiation and nuclear energy. They also conduct testing and are responsible for operating and maintaining nuclear reactors.

Average annual salary: $98,500

7. Aeronautical engineer

Aeronautical engineers typically work for the government or defense contractors. These engineers have to report for work in facilities with access restrictions and oversee the development of aircraft, satellites, missiles, and spacecraft. They may also be required to research bringing innovations to the fore. They also perform the design and maintenance of aircraft and satellites.

Average annual salary: $87,500

8. Chemical engineer

Chemical engineers develop chemical substances through the practical application of their knowledge of chemical properties. They also develop and apply enhanced chemical systems to improve industrial processes. They also conduct experiments and research and develop products based on chemical processes.

Average annual salary: $87,000

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9. Environmental engineer

Environmental engineers typically work in advisory capacities, and their work involves regulating the extraction and use of resources based on environmental laws. They also oversee land use and growing pollution, developing solutions to various environmental problems. They also play vital roles in informing public policy to regulate water, land, and air resources effectively.

Average annual salary: $86,500

10. Quantity surveyor

Quantity surveyors are responsible for the management and handling of diverse engineering projects. They are also known as construction cost consultants, and they work with different clients and contractors to produce quality and balance costs for maximizing the value of a project.

Average annual salary: $84,500

11. Software engineer

A software engineer is responsible for overseeing the software development lifecycle. Software engineers may be assigned various tasks such as designing, testing, developing software, and analyzing software needs. They must have a thorough understanding and technical know-how of computer systems. They also recognize the impact of hardware limitations on the development and design of the software.

Average annual salary: $84,500

12. Plant or production engineer

Plant or production engineers oversee product production to ensure that production remains cost-effective. It’s up to the plant or production engineers to choose the construction materials for products and perform assembly without compromising quality. They are also responsible for operating production lines with machinery and workforce.

Average annual salary: $84,500

13. Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineers develop, design, and test mechanical devices, and they are required to possess problem-solving and communication skills. They are also adept as project managers, and they ensure that engineering procedures comply with standards.

Average annual salary: $82,500

14. Industrial engineer

Industrial engineers are responsible for managing and improving their companies’ manufacturing processes. Through the work of industrial engineers, operations within facilities such as production plants are improved. The engineers also have to examine current production rates to determine possible areas of improvement. These engineers also study process efficiencies.

Average annual salary: $76,000

15. Biomedical engineer

Biomedical engineers work to develop technological innovations and new equipment and devices to improve human health. Designing rehabilitative exercise equipment and software is also one of the major responsibilities of biomedical engineers. A biomedical engineer may also be responsible for running computer simulations for testing new drug therapies.

Average annual salary: $71,000


So, now that you know the 15 best-paying jobs there are for engineers in Australia, it’s time to look at why Australia-based engineers should consider buying an insurance policy.

The fact is that engineers’ jobs involve many risks owing to the complex nature of their work, irrespective of the type of engineer they are. If an engineer’s work goes wrong somewhere down the line, there’s a high possibility that the engineer in question will face a professional indemnity claim. This is where professional indemnity insurance can come in handy. If an engineer is required to pay compensation to a third party because of errors or negligence, this insurance policy can also cover the losses and the legal costs.

In recent times, the popularity of insurance policies for engineers has skyrocketed, and if you are an engineer, it’s about time you made yourself aware of why insurance is necessary. To know more about engineering liability insurance costs, click here.

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