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The Basics of Residential Paving


Residential paving can be a complex undertaking. If possible, professional assistance should always be sought to make the task less daunting and achieve the promised results. The best way to find asphalt companies is in Moreno Valley.

Brick, concrete pavers, and cobblestones require considerable labor for installation; asphalt does the work quickly and effortlessly. Plus, its durability makes it much more cost-effective than competing materials.


Asphalt paving material is a flexible material that offers numerous benefits over concrete: resistance to weathering and pothole formation is lower, it is aesthetically pleasing, easy to repair, affordable for homeowners, can be colored or stained to achieve unique looks, is resistant to oil stains from automotive fluids such as motor oil or antifreeze stains and it absorbs sound rather than reflecting it; plus asphalt recycling makes for more sustainable paving!

Grading and shaping of the subgrade to achieve the desired slope and profile. Once this step has been completed, an asphalt mix containing aggregates, binder, and filler that meets specific usage needs is then poured onto it and compacted using heavy rollers to eliminate voids and maintain structural integrity.

Hot mix asphalt (HMA), produced at temperatures over 300 degrees and typically heated and poured by an asphalt plant, is often chosen for residential paving applications that will see light vehicle traffic. Cold mix asphalt remains soft even in cold temperatures while repelling water; thus making it an excellent temporary repair solution on existing pavement. Both varieties share similar composition with aggregate bases they rest upon.


If you plan on building a slab or pavement on the ground, a subbase is essential. This layer sits beneath your paving and consists of crushed aggregates, which evenly bear their weight. Using durable, strong aggregates made from recycled materials ensures no harm comes from this process!

An effective subbase will evenly disperse the weight of paving and prevent it from sinking into the soil. It will also protect against weeds or grass growth.

Sub-bases are usually composed of unbound granular material; however, they can also include bound materials like crushed stone or concrete. A minimum depth of 100mm must be laid for compacting using either a plate compactor or vibrating roller available from most rental centers.

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When hiring a contractor to install new paving, don’t try to save money by skipping the subbase layer. It serves an essential load-bearing role, and cutting corners here will likely result in many issues later. Think of it like buying the most exquisite Axminster carpet without it ever looking or feeling right!


Thin-layer asphalt overlay is a procedure in which thin strips of asphalt are laid over existing pavement to cover cracks, divots, and other forms of damage, such as cracking. It is an economical and efficient solution to minor to mid-range linear or alligator cracking, as well as shallow potholes or rifts in parking lots or residential streets, and it is much faster and cost-effective than full reconstruction of pavement surfaces.

An overlay is also an effective solution for resurfacing an asphalt driveway damaged by trailer hitches or heavy objects. However, cracks that appeared before work began will eventually show through again on the new surface. Therefore, furniture or equipment that may cause further denting should be avoided to avoid repeating these effects.

However, an asphalt overlay may not be suitable as a solution to an existing pavement that has begun deteriorating prematurely from causes that cannot be corrected without completely replacing it. For instance, if its original design was intended for passenger vehicles and now hosts large numbers of tractor-trailers with loads exceeding passenger vehicle capacity, removal, and replacement are more suitable solutions, as an overlay will not last as long in poor soil conditions.


Asphalt sealcoating is an essential maintenance procedure that helps paved surfaces remain weather-protected for longer. Sealcoating protects against weather damage while simultaneously increasing curb appeal by adding vibrant color to surfaces such as driveways, parking lots, or commercial pavements. Sealcoating should also help preserve driveways’ curb appeal to enhance their visual appeal and extend their longevity. Sealcoating should also help preserve driveways’ curb appeal by providing added oxidization protection against further oxidization or degradation over time. It should also help preserve their curb appeal to enhance curb appeal – sealing should also protect them from becoming damaged due to weather-related erosion; sealing should also help dodge potential issues related to cracking. Eventually, this maintenance procedure should extend the pavement’s life as it protects it prolongs its longevity by prolonging it’s protection from weather-induced damages while prolonging pavement life-extension by prolonging its protection – something new paved surfaces as well as driveways, parking lots, or other commercial pavements benefiting long-lasting color enhance curb appeal and prolongs pavement lifespan by protecting it against weather-induced erosion from erosion due to prevent it oxidization deterioration oxidization/deterioration and add rich color enhancement as curb appeal enhancement/ enhance curb appeal enhancement/color enhancement and enhance curb appeal and add rich color and curb appeal/color enhancement/extent maintenance/degradation. Sealcoating can protect surfaces lifelong durability through long-lasting color enhancement from corrosion/deterioration/deteriorating pavement lifecycle through sealcoating/commercial pavement lifecycle surfaces through new repaving surfaces with rich color enhancement. Sealcoating/decapping newly laid pavement/deteriorating over time or adding rich color enhancement or add rich color enhancement, curb appeal to driveways/degeneration over time as well as improving/ color enhancement by giving rich color enhancement/enhancing curb appeal/richness of rich color adding rich color enhancement and lasting rich color enhancement benefits can even commercial pavement life-long protection of new or new/color enhancement/ colors enhancing its rich colors re. Sealcoating benefits also benefit driveways/ surfacing with increased longevity when applied to driveway/paving/ e, as well as additional commercial pavement surfaces. Sealcoating has proven its use… Sealcoating for driveways/commercial pavement surfaces such pavement surfaces like driveways…. paving or any type surfaces like commercial pavement surfaces such as newly / faded due to oxidization/deterioration… or simply prolongation… fading; such areas (re).. paving/s so many commercial pavements……. or other commercial pavements etc… etc resulting / etc… ii…etc…. /a long…….. etc…. / commercial pavements… etc… surfacing which have an added benefit such as driveway// commercial pavement… or pavement. Etc… Seal coating could benefit commercial pavement. Seal coating… etc / etc… Sealing… etc… Sealcoat………. a… etc…………………….. etc…………………………………etc. Pavement……….. etc…… etc…………….etc… etc……..etc…….. etc….. etc…….. etc….. etc…. a……etc….. etc… etc………………. s etc…etc… etc….. etc….. etc…. etc…………………………………..etc……………! *a/ or……………….! *……….. etc…..etc…! *can be beneficial…!… etc…. etc…. etc….. / pavement

Seal coating should not be seen as a replacement for asphalt resurfacing or repairs; instead, it should form part of your overall maintenance plan to protect and extend its lifespan.

Sealcoating involves applying an asphalt emulsion to a paved surface by spraying or rolling, using either a squeegee for smaller areas or a roller for larger spaces. Furthermore, an oil stain primer may also be added to enhance texture and remove oil spots.

Sand and asphalt emulsion form an impregnable protective barrier, shielding surfaces from water, the sun’s UV rays, salts, and other petrochemicals while permitting temperature changes without drying out and cracking the asphalt surface. Asphalt seal coating also restores sun-bleached asphalt to its original condition while improving the look of its surface.