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The best way to Install Operating System Without CONCEPT ALBUM or Through the Network



In this article, you will learn about how to run the Operating System without a CONCEPT ALBUM or through the Network.

Previous to reading this article make sure you formerly installed the following features with your Windows Server 2012:

Area; you should create a domain.
DHCP Server
Partitions really should be made in NTFS.
First of all below install the WDS (Windows Deployment Services) in our Microsoft Windows Server 2012.

Step 1

For starters login to your Windows web server 2012 as an Administrator Once your login process is accomplished the Server Manager will probably be opened automatically, if it won’t open then you must open it up manually.

Now in the Storage space Manager click on the Manage Key to open the “Add Jobs and Features” to add the newest feature.

Step 2

Now a fresh Window will be opened through which a few instructions would be offered, click on “Next”.

Step 3

You are now will be prompted for the “Installation type” from which you select the 1st option and then click on “Next”.

Step 4

Now select the Storage space from the Server Pool. Since I have had only one server inside the Server pool, my storage space is selected by default.

Following selecting the server select “Next”.

Step 5

Now a summary of “Rolls” will appear in front of you, search down to the “Windows Deployment Services” and click on that.

As you click on WDS, a fresh window will be opened that may ask you to “ADD Features”. Select “Add Features”.

Step 6

Today a list of features will be available to get selected, you can select virtually any feature you want to install and after that click on “Next” or simply select “Next” without selecting virtually any feature.

On the next webpage some information about the WDS will probably be given, simply click on the “Next” button.

Step 7

Now you need to select the “Role Services” in the WDS. There will be two providers available on this page, select the services and then click on the “Next” Button.

Step 8

Today a “Confirmation” page will probably be opened that will show the options made by you. Click on the “Install” button to start the setting up.

Now your installation method will be started that will devote some time according to the processing power of your storage space.

Till Now your WDS is Installed on the Microsoft Windows Server, Now we will in order to the Next part of this Article.

Currently, we will configure the WDS so that it can allow us to increase and install an Image in addition to Boot Image to the Microsoft Windows Server 2012.

Step 1

For starters open the Administrative Applications in the Windows Server.

Now in the Administrative Applications scroll down to the Microsoft Windows Deployment Services and open it up.

Step 2

Now in the Microsoft windows Deployment Services, you will find your personal server. Right-click on it and choose “Configure Server”.

Now a whole new window will be opened featuring the list of features that need to be installed previously. If every one of the requirements is fulfilled in that case click on “Next”.

Step 3

Currently Install options will be available around from which you need to select the initial option, “Integrated with Dynamic Directory”.

After selecting often the Install option you must indicate the path to the Remote Installment Folder, if you created the distinct folder as an Installation Document then you can specify its journey otherwise a default folder is well available for you named RemoteInstall.

In clicking “Next” an Alert message will be shown to an individual, just click on the Yes key and move forward.

Step 4

Today the “Proxy DHCP Server” page will be available in front of you just where two options will be proven, check both the options and after that click on “Next”.

The next webpage is “PXE Storage space Initial Settings”, here you need to select the third option, “Respond to All Client Computers” and after that check the option underneath it.

Step five

Now go to the Start Food selection and open the “Services”.

In the Services, you will find House windows Deployment Services, right-click on it and select the Start option to commence this service.

Now the next part of the Article Starts, Today, we will add and put in an image to the Windows Deployment Services which will be used to put in the OS on virtually any system.

As you configure the particular server, many options will be available beneath the server, like Install Graphic, Boot Image, etc.

The first step

Right-click on Install Graphic under the Server and select “Add Install Image”.

Another page is for the Image Party where a default name could be provided for the Image Group, it is possible to just click on “Next” not having to change the Default Identify.

Step 2

The next page will probably ask for the path for the impression file, click on the “Browse” option to specify the path.

Displays bursting with “DVD RW Drive” in addition to open it, in this, you will find a method named “sources”, open it and you will then find the option “Install. wim”, select this file.


After giving the path for any Image file click on “Next”. On clicking the Next option, all the available images will likely be shown. Here only one impression is available so it’s showing just one single option.

After selecting the click the “Next” button.

Currently, a Summary page will be popped up that will provide a brief summation of the selection and course you provided.

Step 4

Currently, the task of adding often Windows Images is commenced.

After completion of the task, you will the Image File under the Put up Images option.

Now, this data will be used to install the Computer on any system associated with this server.

Till Currently three parts of the Article usually are completed. This is the final main complete Article. Now, below add a Boot Image into the Windows Deployment Services to run the OS on almost any system.

As you configure the particular server, many options will be available for that server, like Install Graphic, Boot Image, etc.

The first step

Right-click on “Boot Image” under the server and select “Add Boot Image”.


The next page will look for the path of the image record. Click on the “Browse” button to be able to specify the path.

Go to the “DVD RW Drive” and open it up, in this you will find an option known as “sources”, open it and you should find the option of “Boot. wim”, select this file.


The next page is named “Image Metadata” on which the name of the graphic file and its description will be shown.

Click on “Next” to be able to proceed.

Step 4

Now any “Summary page” will be exposed that provides a brief summary of your selection and the file an individual selected.

Click on “Next“.

Step five

As you click on “Next”, the duty of adding the Start Image will be started.

Following completion of the task, you will see the File under the Boot Photos option. Read also: Apple iPhone 5 Unlock Advantages