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The pool with Polar Bears


Investec’s “Ordinary won’t change the world” campaign features an advert with British explorer and cross country swimmer Lewis Pugh, going for walks next to polar bears and cycling in a room manufactured from ice. It’s a striking and effective ad, with the bonus of serving several purposes. First, it’s good publicity regarding Investec, and it’s also good publicity regarding Pugh, considering his plan is to raise awareness of crisis changes and the impact connected with carbon emissions on the setting. To know about rose bikini top, click here.

Born in Cape Area, ex-maritime lawyer Pugh features earned the nickname, our Polar Bear, through their ability to withstand extreme winter weather and raise his main body temperature before undertaking their icy swims.

Pugh can superheat his body, the process known as anticipatory thermogenesis. His core body temperature comes up by 1 . 4 certifications Celsius, his pulse level increases from 70 surpasses per minute to 160, and he begins to sweat profusely. Any mind coach and intense rap music (Eminem is a favorite) help him to organize mentally for his gargantuan swims. The last occurred on the 15th of July 2007 at the North Pole, where water temperatures are around -2 degrees Celsius.

Each of their swims aims to bring a certain climate issue to the public’s attention. For example, the particular North Pole swim would not have been possible 5-10 years ago because the area was entirely iced up. Now that the devastating effect of global carbon dioxide emissions has caused temperature ranges to rise, the North Rod is melting, and many pets, such as polar bears, are usually losing their habitats.

Intense swimming is Pugh’s means of drawing attention to the frailty and vulnerability of the surroundings. He wants everyone to grasp that they can make a difference, and this no step is too tiny in the battle for ecological preservation and conservation. They say that everyone can drive boundaries, and that part of what he does is to assist people to realize that few items in this world are extremely hard. All you need is a little mind above matter.

Not all of us must gain an extra 20 kgs of body fat, put on a set of Speedos and dive to the nearest tub of snow to prove that humanity will be destroying the world. Instead, when it comes to lowering our carbon footprints, we could recycle our Saturday papers and milk carte or carpool and depart the unnecessary stuff to those who will be crazy enough to do it.

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