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The reason why You Would Prefer Android Above iOS?


It may seem a bit unexpected, but it is true that when compared, the popular iOS is not as popular as the Android. Android os is an open-source program where you can customize the features and see the freedom to download third-party software. With iOS consumers, it seems to be a restricted location. However, with changing times comes increasing demand by iOS users for personalization. The Interior sources of Apple are unwilling to provide free access to consumers. It is all about privacy and also user security. This consternation for user security is valid as a user could unknowingly download malware or any other threat on their system. How to Hire a Hacker.

Still, it might seem like it would be so much better, but only if iOS developers would conform to some of the amazing capabilities. So today I want to have a look at them.

Keyboard Substitution

Most iOS users like getting their customization in connection with the keyboard. It would be better if they could replace their normal keyboard with a customized one. Sometimes it isn’t easy to imagine writing with a tiny keyboard for the touch-screen with one give. With Android, it is possible to swap your default keyboard together with SwiftKey. This third-party keyboard set enables the option of tapping in addition to type for convenience. In addition, it adapts to your writing style and gives you improved predictions. You can drag your finger to choose words whenever you get a message. That saves time in constructing an email and makes communication faster.


The lock screen regarding iOS seems to be a bit fixed. It would be better if there were widgets that would fetch details from your apps. If you use Android OS, you would love how icons allow you to fetch data from your apps and display that on your lock screen. It truly is about users who favor the flexibility of settings according to their convenience and tastes.

Customizing apps

The major benefit you get using an Android is the one about customization of apps. Android os interface allows you to customize particular things, including blocking any caller. You can even obstruct calls from a certain location by entering the area code. You can also send calls to your message box if you want to avoid a person without being rude. DND, or maybe the do not disturb mode, lets you send a response via communication or pre-defined text message.

Exchanging default actions

App Intents allows you to share content and other information in-between apps, including pictures. You can reveal information from one editing software and send it to a new one. Additionally, users should choose the media types regarding playing a media record with other such actions, just like choosing your default software. For example, you can choose Google Chrome as the default browser and pick Google Maps as your default software for navigation.

Multi-User Help

If you are thinking about sharing a great iOS device with your good friend circle, it is essential to have the same OPERATING-SYSTEM. This is what makes sharing challenging. This creates overlapping regarding apps, software, contacts, and other login-related stuff. This is just what creates a lot of

Android os allows you to customize individual addresses when you share a device between groups. Personalization is easy, which includes managing individual accounts, automated scheduling of tasks, changing controls, and accessibility of Wireless internet and airplane mode. You can also monitor battery usage and also manage power consumption simply by adjusting the brightness in addition to data usage. Restricting admission to a limited number of apps might help save battery power to extend system usage.

Launcher replacement

The good thing to happen to Android likely is the Facebook Home. This will assist you in taking tweaking one stage further. You can easily make changes to your home screen and enable news to take care of from your lock screen. That may re-skin and change subjects as per your taste. LauncherPro allows you to give quick access and perhaps navigational convenience.

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