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Typing games are video games designed to build children’s touch typing abilities through enjoyable gameplay, whether as part of educational games or standalone titles. Choose the best Free Online Games.

Cup Stacking introduces children to home row keys through colorful cups that appear on a picnic blanket. Typing Race allows kids to compete against players from around the globe while honing their typing speed and accuracy.


ZType is an unconventional top-down space shooter that challenges players to use their typing skills instead of pressing buttons for victory. Each enemy ship in ZType is assigned an individual word that players must type correctly to destroy it. At the same time, various power-ups are available in-game to aid their efforts against enemy vessels.

As players progress in their game, its difficulty increases progressively, with faster enemy ships and longer words appearing onscreen. There is also a leaderboard where users can compete for top scores against one another.

The game features an enjoyable and unique style that makes it highly engaging. Players control a spaceship that maneuvers around the screen, shooting laser beams at words appearing slowly on the screen; faster and more accurately typed words result in more significant damage to enemy ships. Available on desktop computers and mobile devices alike – one of few typing games supporting alternate keyboard layouts like AZERTY


Epistory is an atmospheric adventure typing game where players take on the role of a writer who’s fallen on hard times, reaching out for help from her muse in search of inspiration. With its stunning papercraft art style and a blend of light RPG elements alongside exploration and unique keyboard-based combat mechanisms, Epistory makes for an engaging keyboard adventure game experience!

Players can collect fragments and inspiration points to expand the story as they explore the origami world inside the writer’s head. Additionally, this game allows players to utilize special abilities they acquire by typing words correctly – useful when attacking enemies or solving puzzles.

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Epistory’s gameplay is surprisingly immersive and engaging, even for those unfamiliar with touch-typing games and those unfamiliar with touch-typing games. The pace is balanced to provide challenging yet fair challenges that reward those who take time to perfect proper typing techniques. You can play Epistory using either D-pad on one Joy-Con or keys on both, though keyboards provide the optimal experience.

The Typing Of The Dead

As this gory offspring of Mavis Beacon and Quentin Tarantino made its way onto Steam this Halloween without much fanfare, its arrival was met with silence – for apparent reasons: due to being NSFW content, it would not be appropriate for viewing by those unsuitable for watching Tarantino films.

The game resembles a rail shooter but with words instead of bullets. When enemies appear, an enemy box will display words or phrases you must quickly type to neutralize them; these grow longer and more complex as you advance in gameplay.

Typing Of The Dead may seem absurd initially, but that’s why it’s such an enjoyable cult PC game. Once you can look beyond its corny plot and appreciate how it teaches typing skills, this stands out as one of the top cult titles on PC in recent memory.


TypingClub provides an accessible, engaging keyboarding program designed for accessibility with built-in games that seamlessly fit into its lesson plans, customizable options, and access features compliant with WCAG 2.0 accessibility criteria.

Students can increase the font size, select high-contrast themes, practice typing with one hand, activate voice-over audio for guidance or select their screen reader when ordering lessons – making this program accessible to learners of all disabilities or learning styles.

With its interactive lessons, this program features animations, themes, and virtual achievements to make learning enjoyable for students. Small lesson steps help students master concepts, while the star system allows students to track their progress. In addition, teachers can utilize teaching tools such as a comprehensive teacher dashboard with class and student statistics; its school portal is free; students compete against their classmates to achieve top spots on the class scoreboard while earning Experience Points and Gritcoins that unlock avatars, wallpapers, levels within the program.

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