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Understanding Illness


You must fully comprehend the subject of this week. It was never intended to be a “study of disease” because when we study disease, we put more energy into disorder, and we will get more disease; more hybrid diseases will emerge because where we concentrate, power flows to, which means we get more of it instead of less of it. Or, if you prefer, the law of attraction states that you attract what you concentrate on.

If you choose to comprehend disease in any way, please keep it simple; otherwise, it turns into a study, which means you are energizing the condition rather than the opposite!

Since we live in a dualistic universe, you leave the disease where it is and then take the opposite action. The condition is the “state of existence” of mental illness as it manifests in the body. When a disease first manifests, it will go through the birth, development, and death processes!

The actual inquiries are:

When the disease eventually disappears, we as humans will have the health we wish, right?

How much time does it live?

What does it eat to survive?

One “seed” of the idea, one seed of unbalanced thought, is all it takes for the disease to manifest. That marks the start of an illness that can develop into a fully developed, matured disease.

Like any newborn, animal, virus, or bacterium, it chooses to “survive” for as long as it can when it first appears. It has awareness or, if you prefer, a “survival instinct” to maintain its existence before vanishing back into nothingness, which is where thought, the original seed, originated.

As soon as it is born, it tries to extend its life, like any person. It wants to live, so it gives birth. Next, it grows by surviving on some “food,” and when that runs out, it dies, just like the dinosaurs did. The simplicity you should have in comprehending disease is this!

Cause the illness to end, to pass away, because you will have the desired health once the disease passes away. There are two approaches.

Eliminate the genesis of the idea;

Quit encouraging the illness.

Similar to how mosquitoes in flowing water cannot carry disease (energy continues to flow). Mosquitoes thrive in areas where there is standing water. The disease starts to develop and spread when the body has stagnant energy. We’ll refer to it as the “disease milieu.” Only a static environment will support the illness; a moving environment will not support the disease.

Therefore, there are now three aspects of the disease:

The disease’s initial cause;

Meals for illness;

The presence of infection.

For the sake of simplicity, we have omitted the environment, which you will understand once we are done with it because it serves as the “food” for disease and is closely linked.

You can survive without considering it, but it is significant enough to be brought up because the illness also perishes when the environment is removed. After all, it has no food source.

The initial thought of host discord is the original seed of illness.

What you want to do, YOU!

The food of disease is STRESS, any stress, things we want to do but are unable to do, having to see someone we detest or who stresses us out, not having a choice about who we live with due to whatever commitment we have, etc.

The STAGNATION of energy is the environment of illness. In a location where the power is blocked, everything you do is frowned upon, or there is no freedom of expression.

These are the three elements that make up a disease; think of them as its oxygen, without which it cannot live and will eventually start to perish.

As previously stated, there is a strong connection between the environment of disease and the food that causes it. Stress is the food for illness and the atmosphere of the condition. The infection expires when you starve it.

Please remember that disease can die but resurrect, as our good friend Mr. Wong, who deals with plants, taught me from the plants. He explains that although a plant may appear dead after it has dried out, it may eventually come back to life if the conditions are right. This is akin to going into “hibernation mode,” he says. We’re trying to say that even if a disease seems to have passed away, it can resurge if the individual is exposed to the same environment where it first appeared. Therefore, exercise caution when returning the patient to the disease setting.

Okay, let’s start putting everything together to comprehend how diseases function.

Discord acts as the “original germ” from which the disease sprouts. When it receives nourishment from its surroundings, it resides inside the host. It expires when the meal is stopped.

Will the illness ever pass away before the host, then?

Yes, the illness can pass away before the host does; otherwise, understanding it would be pointless. Because the disease usually causes the host to pass away! Since the host serves as the disease’s environment, when the sustenance runs out, the condition also perishes when the host does. When it gets “powerful,” it may occasionally move to a different host.

The host’s external world serves as the disease’s food source inside the body. It is connected!

That’s how easy it is.

The illness starts to die when the environment is taken away.

The disease perishes when the initial seed is removed.

The disease starts to die when its environment alters because insufficient food is available. When the initial seed is removed, the setting returns to its previous state. Due to the stagnation of energy flow outside, the environment for the disease is a “stagnation” of energy flow within. Another time, “stress” or “stagnant energy flow” is the disease setting, a disease’s sustenance. Our goal is to eliminate it so that illness will no longer exist.

You may have heard of individuals or studies showing that their life expectancy is roughly 1.5 years when someone quits working. The disease takes root when the flow of energy stops, there is a stagnation in the energy flow, and the disease continues to feed on the host until the host dies.

However, some people appear to overcome the odds. When they halt, as you watch them.

They appreciate their “hobbies,” which means “they move the energy,” Since the energy isn’t stagnant, disease and its environment aren’t either, so you have health rather than death.

The original idea is more challenging because it is rooted in the host’s history or the “past.” It would be best to find a solution because sometimes it can be difficult to “find” the original cause of a disease. After all, the host suppresses the disease’s symptoms to the point where they forget about them. As a result, the disease’s seed persists in the host, causing the patient to recover but remain in “hibernation mode” until later.

Clearly stated.

Remove the disease’s spawn or starve it!

Given how adept individuals are at hiding their disease seeds, starving the source is the most practical strategy. That means dying the environment of disease-causing foods so that illness perishes rather than thrives!

Take the individual out of the situation and let them do whatever they want!

That implies being content doing whatever they please without hindrance, that energy starts to flow within, that you are starving the disease seed, and that there is no “stress.” You shouldn’t be acting that way, even! The slightest sense of “guilt” must also be eliminated, and the host must be free to act however they please for an extended period until the illness passes.

When will that be finished? Typically, three months will be enough. But it could take as long or as little time as now! To make things even more accessible. Be authentic! Live by doing what you want, when, and how you want! Moving water that keeps the movement of energy from becoming stagnant is living water. I hope you realize this and that you now choose to act healthily. Be “you” and “relaxed.” What about those who have the illness already?

JUST TAKE THEM OUT OF THEIR CURRENT SETTING! for three months in a calm setting (i.e., a setting free of illness)! Just allow them to be entirely OUT OF THE ENVIRONMENT, away from everyone they know, adore, and hate!

The environment can occasionally MOVE alongside the illness host. So take care! The “person” extremely near the host is the “moving disease environment”!

Best wishes. Live in opposition to a disease atmosphere right now! That signifies BE YOURSELF and RELAX! Good wellness!

Stephen is the Regional Director for Seraphim Blueprint for the training of instructors and pupils for all six levels. Stephen is an internationally certified Trainer of Master NLP, Master Time Line Therapy, and Trainer of Master Hypnotherapy accredited with ABNLP, TLTA, and ABH. Oracodes Evolution Codes Software is another creation of Stephen’s. More specifics.

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