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Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department


Warrior high school Dungeon Raid Department is an addictive light novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Set in an alternate world brimming with monsters and adventurers looking for them to raid them, the plot follows Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department from start to finish!

Characters in this captivating novel represent a wide array of personalities and goals, yet they learn to work together towards common goals. Fans of fantasy should read this original tale!


Make a step toward adventure and engage all your senses at Warrior High School, an elite institution with an extraordinary educational program. Warrior High School equips young warriors to become formidable leaders while transporting them on a grand adventure into a magical universe unlike any other.

This series follows a group of teenagers as they raid dungeons for fame, money, and power. This fast-paced yet exciting tale will appeal to fans of the fantasy genre; with its unique setting and captivating characters, this makes an excellent read!

Jaryong, an ambitious young man with an intense desire for revenge, enrolls in Warrior High School’s Dungeon Raid Department to train as a hero and battle monsters, and claim valuable treasure. While doing this, he meets an eclectic group of students with different strengths and weaknesses who come together to form an unlikely group that battles monsters together while exploring the balance between power and responsibility.

On their field trips to actual dungeons, students encounter many dangers – deadly traps and monsters among them – which force them to work together and learn valuable experience while working through differences among them. With action-packed stories full of thrills and spills that leave viewers wanting more, this book promises an action-packed read!

In Chapter Two, students encounter a mysterious guardian and an ancient artifact capable of controlling monsters. Jaryong and his team manage to overcome him and claim the treasure they discovered, but they must now find a way to use it to safeguard the world from monster attacks.

This thrilling story’s characters are well-written and boast exciting fight scenes, making for a riveting tale. All are immensely strong and dedicated to their goals, yet each possesses their unique traits; for example, Marcus is an exceptional frontline tank while Lily has silver hair that falls softly around her face; her piercing blue eyes hold a hint of mischief as she blends into shadowy corners to ambush enemies.


Prepare yourself for a fantastic adventure as students of Warrior High School embark on thrilling dungeon raids! The story explores themes of solidarity, friendship, and personal growth as characters utilize their unique strengths to overcome dangerous obstacles and battle fierce monsters.

Each day begins with classroom instruction on topics ranging from dungeon safety and monster biology, with field trips to actual dungeons providing invaluable hands-on experience. Though the Dungeon Raid Course may be challenging, its graduates have found significant employment in global jail raiding teams worldwide.

Jaryong enrolls in the course to avenge his father’s death and soon becomes one of its top students. A fearless warrior, Jaryong leads his team with confidence and courage; his muscular body and effective fighting techniques make him an intimidating presence on the battlefield. Ethan is a natural leader with an air of self-importance, fierce determination to succeed, and an attitude of pride about his scarred body – always radiating power every step he takes!

Lily is an alluring figure with a slim frame and striking silver hair, intriguing eyes, nimble fingers that can open even the most rigid locks, an ingenious mind, and adept deception skills.

Kira is a graceful archer with golden locks that cascade down her back, sporting an irrepressibly cheerful expression and sporting freckles that add a dash of mischief to her eye. Armed with her bow and arrow, she uses its precision to take down foes at a distance with deadly accuracy.

Join the students of Warrior High School as they embark on their quest for treasure and glory. They bravely face monsters, deadly traps, and challenging puzzles to achieve their goal of victory! Together, these students rely on strength, bravery, and teamwork in order to overcome all challenges that stand in their path – enjoy heart-racing action sequences as unbreakable bonds form between friends, even under duress! ManhuaScan offers the largest manga selection with high-speed downloads.


Warrior High School, Dungeon Raid Department is an original light novel with an engaging plot that will appeal to fans of fantasy literature. The characters come together from diverse backgrounds with individual goals and personalities but learn to work as one unit toward accomplishing their missions together. Packed with action and adventure, Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department features engaging action sequences as well as exciting character dynamics to keep readers turning pages!

The story takes place in an alternate world that has combined, an age of “dungeons” teeming with monsters and adventurers who raid them, as well as Warrior High School – an exclusive educational facility that trains such adventurers – such as Yoo Jaryong who once considered himself one of Asia’s premier adventurers but has been accused of false charges; whilst engaging in dungeon smuggling to raise funds for his father’s medical treatment costs he meets an attractive young lady who asks him to join Warrior High School; among these students there was Yoo Jaryong himself who once considered himself one of Asia’s best but who had fallen upon false charges due to accusations regarding fraudulent charges from false charges being leveled against him while working dungeon smugglers joining Warrior High School; such an individual met someone special who asked him join in joining Warrior High School; one such student met was Yoo Jaryong, who once considered among Asia’s greatest adventurers but has since fallen under false accusations; during one such dungeon smuggling expedition which met someone specific who asked him join in Warrior High School; she asked him join her and asked him join in joining up against her and convinced him into joining Warrior High School himself!

Students enrolled in the introductory course learn to wield a sword accurately and effortlessly while also mastering various combat strategies. Under guidance from trained educators, students develop their unique battling styles while exploring hidden expressions like controlling fire, water, earth, and air elements.

There’s an emphasis on magic and swordsmanship at this prestigious academy. Students here can unlock dormant supernatural capacities to defend against powers of darkness in their domain while simultaneously managing both energy and responsibility to complete missions successfully.

Even with so many risks present, students must maintain a positive mindset and remain focused to succeed. Trusting each other and making correct decisions at critical moments are vitally important. Furthermore, students need to appreciate each other’s skills and strengths in order to survive, and ultimately, they must confront their fears together as a team so as to defeat enemies while overcoming personal obstacles and becoming more robust individuals.