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Brewers Best – Brewing Kits


Brewing beer requires an intricate mix of art, science, and creativity – you must understand each step to craft great beer.

Calagione, 39 years old and living by the seaside in Virginia Beach, wears flip-flops and cargo pants at Dogfish Head Brewery. While nonconformist in his approach, his creed is admirable: to produce excellent beer while working his hours.

Ingredient Kits

Ingredient kits offer beginner or intermediate brewers a simple way to develop and perfect their craft brewing techniques. Each kit contains malt extract, hops, yeast, caps, priming sugar, and steeping grains or grain bags for extra flavor or color in their finished beer brews. All kits can make five-gallon batches with an accompanying helpful brewing guide included.

Grape and Granary offers all of the Brewer’s Best ingredients to brew different beer styles, such as American Light, Pumpkin Porter, and Oktoberfest. Additionally, we carry Brewers Best IPA and Ale Ingredient Kits as well.

For those just getting into brewing or looking to try something different, we offer one-gallon recipe kits that contain all of the same ingredients found in our five-gallon kits but in smaller batch sizes. This makes getting started easier since less equipment and time are required when heating and chilling wort; additionally, it lowers the risk as only small batches will be created at any one time.

Equipment Kits

Brewers Best offers equipment kits featuring top-of-the-line tools to make home brewing accessible for newcomers. Some kits, like the Northern Brewer kit (available through Amazon), contain everything a novice needs for successful home brewing; others allow you to purchase only what pieces of brewing equipment best suit your new hobby.

If you’re not quite ready to invest in an expensive brewing system, opt for a deluxe equipment kit that includes essential items, like a 6.5-gallon fermenter, twin-handled capper, and no-rinse cleaner – that way, you can start brewing immediately instead of waiting until your savings accumulate for something better.

These equipment kits may include items such as a glass carboy and fermentation thermometer, while others might come equipped with additional tools like drilled bungs, hydrometers, auto siphons, lab thermometers, and bottle brushes. You may even find kits offering various ingredients like hops and malt extract to sample if you aren’t sure which beer style to make!

Other brewing equipment kits focus specifically on producing specific types of beer. For instance, the Brooklyn Brewshop kit allows you to experiment with various styles by following six simple steps and only needing a stove and a few supplies for production. Other kits provide all the ingredients required to craft your perfect batch – including liquid malt extract and milled grains for steeping.

Some brewing kits include yeast as part of their contents. If you are an experienced home brewer, using the included yeast could produce distinct flavor profiles, but for best results, it would be wise to pitch an additional pack to ensure wort reaches an appropriate acidity and alcohol content level.

No matter your skill level, a quality kit will make weekend brewing much simpler and more enjoyable. Look for one with easy instructions and plenty of flavors available so that you make the most out of your investment – be sure to shop around for deals! Shop online or at local brewing stores for lower prices; Brewers Best is an established name in the industry and provides an array of ingredient and equipment kits explicitly tailored to home brewers’ needs. The company website features an easy-to-use search tool to locate a kit within your budget, while customer service representatives are on hand to answer questions or offer solutions if needed. Furthermore, any unsatisfactory products can be returned for a refund; new customers have up to 90 days as per the guarantee while existing ones have 30. Additionally, purchases over $75 qualify for free shipping with this provider.