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Dark History And Legends


Dark History And Legends is an atmospheric journey through some of folklore’s more disturbing corners, featuring elves, orcs, spaceships, and death! It is not for the easily offended. Find out the best info about Supernatural Mysteries Unveiled.

An angry Twi’lek boy plots against his Sith master and devises a scheme to murder him with ancient magic.


Since ancient times, ghost stories depict spirits who return from beyond to haunt where they once lived, and they have played an integral role in many cultures. An affluent subset of these ghosts involves historical figures such as queens or gangsters who died violent or unexpected deaths and have haunted places they once called home.

Early ghost tales followed a basic narrative structure: when an unnerved spirit appears at a particular locale or person, they often reveal why they’re there and ask for assistance to find peace in the afterlife. Ghosts would frequently remind those left alive to observe proper burial rituals, such as Homer’s Elpenor, who implored Odysseus to bury him according to custom. Also recorded by Pliny the Younger is a nameless ghost demanding decent burial at a rental property in Roman Athens who haunted a rental property during Roman Athens during that period of history.

Ghost stories remain captivating, providing teachers with valuable insights into ancient and medieval societies’ cultural beliefs. Ghost tales offer teachers an in-depth window into the author’s worldview – offering insights into matters such as afterlife issues or exploring life-death boundaries; additionally, ghost tales highlight social obligations owed to deceased persons that transcend Western cultures.


Few creatures have captured the public imagination like zombies: mindless flesh eaters that devour living humans like slaves. Zombies symbolize our fear of unrelenting death, environmental degradation, and the spread of disease – as well as anxieties regarding corporate power and worries about what would happen if the world ended abruptly in an apocalyptic hellscape.

While modern-day zombies may be created through sorcery or science gone awry, their origin can be traced all the way back to ancient civilizations. Archaeologists have found evidence of bizarre burial rituals where human skulls were dug up from gravesites after burial and reburied without their bodies; historians see these practices as early instances of necrophobia – or fear of death.

The zombie we know today developed out of Haitian Voodou, a religion founded upon the traumas of Atlantic slavery. African slaves from West and Central Africa brought to Hispaniola (now Haiti), mixed their beliefs from home with Catholicism to create Voodou religion – its priests known as bokors could create zombies by making subjects drink an intoxicant that brought them close to death; once created, priests could control it as slaves.

Creatures of the Night

Creatures of the Night are popularly found throughout world folklore and are considered evil creatures that arise through unnatural means such as curses or supernatural happenings. Additionally, these dark entities serve as enemies to both angels and fae. What do you consider about Dark History And Legends?

One of the more well-known mythical creatures is the werewolf, known to transform under full moon conditions. Werewolves are notorious for being violent, bloodthirsty creatures who sometimes display bizarre behaviors; many fear them as gateways to hell and possess various supernatural powers.

Another creature of the night that can be dangerous and seductive is a vampire, known for feeding on human blood and being sexually seductive. Vampires have also been reported as powerful beings with an affinity towards preying upon humans who have been attacked or scratched by them, often returning after long absences to feed on more victims.

Ghosts, demons, and animals also inhabit the night. Some are extremely dangerous, such as El Cucuy—an animal spirit believed to have terrorized the Native people of Texas—while others can be more benign, such as The Dullahan, who brings death and is afraid of gold. Finally, there are malevolent spirits known as Nale Ba that take children.

Creatures of the Night was released by Kiss in 1982 as an album inspired by their struggle against alcoholism and prescription drug addiction, especially Ace Frehley at that time. This particular release also marked their final album recorded with Frehley as an active member, as it marked their departure due to his issues related to substance abuse at that time.