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Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 32


Chapter 32 of Devil Returns To School Days will surely deliver a thrilling and intriguing continuation of its narrative. Readers will be riveted as they witness Taejoon’s encounter with her teacher.

This chapter is sure to keep readers entertained, as it presents characters with new challenges and mysteries to overcome. Existing relationships are strengthened while unexpected allies surface.

Release Date

Devil Returns to School Days will soon release its next chapter, and fans are eagerly awaiting to see how its story continues and what awaits Hyunsung next. This manga has quickly become a favorite with its captivating plot and charismatic characters.

The plot revolves around a high schooler who stood up to bullies, only to become their target himself. He had good grades, charming looks, and unrivaled fighting prowess that was unparalleled among his classmates – until on graduation night when he was thrown off a roof, suffered a severe injury in an accident, and was hospitalized for ten years before awakening back at his former high school where he’d bullied classmates before.

Hyunsung’s coaches want him to pursue mixed martial arts (MMA), but Hyunsung says that he’s not ready for it yet. Furthermore, he refuses to bow under pressure from outside sources; rather he plans on fighting his style of choice in future competitions.

As the story develops, its plot becomes even more intriguing and brings new obstacles for our characters to face. One noteworthy change involves an unexpected newcomer who brings with him an evil plan designed to disrupt students’ lives; our protagonists of the novel collaborate to defeat this threat and protect their friends.

Devil Returns to School Days not only features an intriguing plot but also breathtaking romances between significant characters. Alex and Anna’s relationship takes an exciting turn as their platonic friendship turns into more. Finally, this story ends on an unexpected cliffhanger, which will keep readers on edge until its conclusion!

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Release Time

Devil Returns to School Days is an exquisite manga that explores themes of revenge and justice. After being subject to violence at the hands of his peers, our protagonist does not become defeated; rather he seeks vengeance on them and sets things right again. This riveting saga serves as an inspiring testament to both human resilience and resilience.

As the story progresses, the protagonist’s journey takes unexpected turns. Soon enough, he finds himself dealing with Damien, an alluring yet dangerous new adversary who mesmerizes everyone at school with his sharp mind and magnetic charisma; soon after that, rumors about Damien surface, drawing our heroes deeper into an intricate web of intrigue, long-held secrets begin surfacing, blurring the distinction between revenge and justice.

Chapter 21 in this compelling series promises more surprises and effective confrontations, leaving readers on the edge of their seats as Hyunsung takes action against demons and their minions. Fans will likely want to read it right away for maximum excitement!

Previous chapters demonstrated how Hyunsung had successfully established himself within the MC hierarchy, only for a transfer student to threaten to challenge it and present him with competition for his position. No matter the outcome, Hyunsung remains resolved to fight hard in defense of his turf and defend what is his.

This chapter will show how a transfer student manages to prevail against Hyunsung’s intense retaliation through his determination to expose Hyunsung’s true nature and restore justice in his school. It will be fascinating to observe his response.

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Devil Returns to School Days is an engaging, action-packed manga with an intriguing plot and engaging characters. The story revolves around a young man who is bullied violently but given another chance at life after unexpected circumstances intervene. With shocking revenge plots and dark themes such as corruption and morality explored throughout, this engaging tale never ceases to capture readers’ imaginations!

Since its debut in 2017, this gripping series has won an overwhelming fan base, and it is easy to understand why. It features an intriguing protagonist who manages to change his fate by seeking vengeance for himself and others – this manga series should be read by anyone interested in its genre, especially those looking for fast-paced narratives with lots of suspense!

Kim Hyunsung, an intelligent high school student, is witty and charming and possesses an impressive fighting ability, yet he remains timid and lonely due to bullying from classmates regarding his looks. One day, however, he is knocked unconscious by violent bullies, eventually succumbing to violent bullying himself until one day, he is knocked unconscious himself by a mysterious group. Ten years later, upon awakening, he finds that the secretive group has revived him and brought him back to life.

Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 32 promises an exhilarating and riveting continuation of the narrative, keeping readers guessing as Taejoon responds to the teacher’s provocation by finding new ways of revenge against her. While physical confrontation may not be likely, other methods may surface for Taejoon to take.

Fans can look forward to an engaging narrative that will enthrall readers with its shocking revenge schemes and sensual characters, stunning visuals, eloquent art, fast-paced pacing, stunning visuals, stunning visuals and immersive reading experience that is unmatched elsewhere. Social commentary, as well as shocking revenge themes, make this manhwa an absolute must-read! For more information about it or to catch up on its latest chapters, visit its official website. MangaBuddy and Void Scans are excellent sources.


A devil has come to Earth to unleash havoc, and a group of friends must unite against it. Facing their fears while working as one team towards reclaiming the world is no easy feat, but the artwork in this manga makes this story one that any fan of manga should read! It truly makes for an engaging read!

Devil Returns to School Days promises to deliver another captivating chapter, offering more insight into the main character’s past and connection to Satan, which should help readers comprehend why Satan can cause so much destruction and chaos in their lives. Already, it has received widespread acclaim from fans; its popularity should only grow over time.

As exciting as it is to discover a popular manga series, nothing compares with finding one with many fans! The anticipation surrounding a new chapter of Devil Returns To School Days promises an equally thrilling read, as Chapter 32 promises Taejoon’s desire to uncover Kim’s true nature will keep the reader hooked until its completion.

Devil Returns To School Days features more than just stylish art – it also presents an engaging story that resonates strongly with modern society. The protagonist’s battle against Satan to reclaim his life from him serves as an inspiring message that should make this comic book worth reading and serves as a cautionary tale against bullying among young students.

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