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Direct Line Home Insurance Review


Direct Line Insurance was established in 1985 and today stands as one of the UK’s premier providers, providing car, home, pet, travel, and bike insurance underwritten by U K Insurance Limited. The Amazing fact about Direct Line Claims.

Home Insurance Plus and Select Premier policies have received five stars from independent financial products reviewer Defaqto; customers with communication difficulties can use the Typetalk service.


Direct Line’s buildings insurance covers the physical structure of your home, such as walls, roofs, fences, gates and permanently installed items like kitchens and fitted wardrobes, external drains/water pumps/garden furniture/tools as well as 24/7 helpline coverage in case of emergencies such as burst pipes/electrical faults/power surges; there’s even protection against burst pipes or electrical faults (including power surges ) with up to PS100k of legal expenses if your tenants sue you over damage/injury sustained on-site! Rental property owners/managers should add buildings cover for their possessions/injuries sustained on-site; such protection could cover you against burst pipes/electrical faults ( including power surges ) plus any damage caused by them against their tenants/ tenants against them or their belongings if sued for damaging tenants/injuring them on site with up to PS100k legal expenses provided if your tenants sue for damages to their possessions/injuries sustained on site! Legal costs could potentially cover you up to PS100,000.000 for possible future lawsuits brought against you as the landlord in regards to tenants’ possessions/injuries suffered on site! – this could give protection up to PS100,000.000 in legal costs should anyone ever file suit against you should anything come about against you being sued! If any suit arises against you by tenants/third parties on-site/otherwise! If owning rental properties, this policy can also provide up to PS100K legal costs should any claims be brought against you; provide up to PS100000 legal expenses can even cover up to PS100K in legal costs against suit if brought against you should happen, or related lawsuit from injury claims filed by legal claims could cover could potentially protect up to PS100k legal expenses should protect them! If one or more are needed!! If sued legally being sued from legal c, posts should arise that apply against you /your tenant(!. If necessary. If an owner- this protection! Could add PS10000,000.000.000 legal costs should appear! Be sued because the tenant claims/ landlord should need damage claims being sued! One hundred thousand legal costs should occur! *10000+10k cover is added! For this, an extra 000 should be provided for the property. If sulli so v, if needed, should appear as you can be supplied against you for damage caused against your incursion! If sued, 10,000 in legal costs (V!*Vs. available* when sued from either/vv +100K provided to cover.) added depending upon legal costs needed against the lawsuit as you +.000 in legal costs should incur for damage caused to a lawsuit when sued tons + 1 000 could

As standard, its contents insurance provides up to PS1,000 of protection for items in the garden and up to PS2,500 if plus or select premier coverage is established, with theft of belongings from outbuildings protected against. Additional optional extras, ranging from accidental damage protection and home emergency assistance, could increase premium costs further.

Direct Line Insurance Company Limited is one of the UK’s premier insurance providers and earned high commendation at the 2024 Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards for home insurance. Their specialized teams specialize in specific products to provide customers with expert advice that allows them to make informed decisions regarding their policies. Their cutting-edge features include online claims registration and tracking for both car and home policies, as well as 24/7 call centers available to their customers.


Direct Line home insurance provides three levels of cover – building, contents, and buildings and contents combined – as well as an extensive list of optional extras. You can select their standard Home Insurance policy, Home Insurance Plus policy, or Select Premier policy, which all offer flexible limits that let you create an individual quote that best meets your needs.

Direct Line contents insurance provides new-for-old coverage of furniture, appliances, and personal possessions in your home, as well as sheds and garages. Additional items that can be included are money, computers, tablets, and mobile phones up to a value of PS5,000 each; any garden items up to an approximate value of PS1,000 on standard policies; Plus and Select Premier policies provide up to PS2,500 of coverage per item.

Direct Line will cover your costs associated with moving home up to PS25,000 through alternative accommodation, kennel fees, and lost rent from valid claims; plus, they reimburse any professional storage expenses. They also cover your contents while in transit for up to 72 hours at once, as well as covering costs related to replacing essential items such as clothing or jewelry that might have been stolen in Home Insurance Plus and Select Premier policies.

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Direct Line’s customer service is widely respected, earning them an average Trustpilot score of 4.2 stars and five-star Defaqto ratings for both Home Insurance Plus and Select Premier policies. They also offer legal documents services as well as 24/7 access to qualified legal advice helplines through DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Limited (subject to policy terms).

Trace & Access

Keep in mind that not all home insurers provide equal levels of coverage. Review your policy closely to make sure it offers sufficient protection for both your home and belongings.

Some home insurance policies offer “trace and access” cover. Suppose you experience a water leak and cannot pinpoint where it’s coming from. In that case, your policy may cover hiring a specialist to investigate and locate its source – this can be particularly useful if the leak originates in an underground pipe that’s on your property but not connected to your water provider.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that trace and access do not cover the costs associated with fixing damage caused by leaks; check your policy’s ‘escape of water’ section to see which expenses are covered.

Trustpilot offers another means for measuring how customers perceive Direct Line Insurance; its scores are outstanding, with many five-star reviews. Unfortunately, however, you’ll also encounter some one-star reviews, as is to be expected with such a large insurer with numerous policies. In addition, Direct Line scored highly in Which?’s annual customer service survey that evaluates over 10 million customer experiences, including contact easement speed of response and whether claims have been paid.


Direct Line Home Insurance provides an attractive selection of add-ons that may lower premiums – Legal Protection Cover, Home Emergency, and Accidental Damage are just three examples; personal possessions coverage comes standard in any standard policy (plus or premier, for that matter), which protects items in your home, garage and shed from loss or damage worldwide – this also covers garden sheds, fences, and inground swimming pools!

Optional extras can be added to a basic home insurance policy or its plus and select premier levels (the premium covers this cost). Some examples of optional extras available are:

Direct Line was one of the pioneering companies to sell car insurance directly over the telephone in 1985, making them pioneers of speed, simplicity, and common sense when selling policies directly. Their brand quickly gained fame for cutting out unnecessary intermediaries, forms, and jargon – something still evident today when buying their products online or over the phone. Direct Line now provides insurance policies for cars, homes, pets, travel, over 50s life cycling, as well as SELECT premium policies, with over 85% recommending Direct Line policies as highly as they’d recommend them, while in our 2024 survey, only 1% expressed dissatisfaction about receiving service quality from Direct Line policies they received; our 2024 survey showed them to be extremely pleased by what was promised while only small percentage of customers said otherwise compared to what was promised at first.

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