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Free VIN Check – How to Run a Free VIN Check on a Used Car


If you are shopping for used cars, running a free vin check can be invaluable. These websites provide invaluable insight into each vehicle’s history – such as whether or not it has been stolen or damaged. Find out the best info about bid cars’ history.

Paid VIN checks are also available that can reveal more detailed information, including past damages and mileage rollbacks.

National Insurance Crime Bureau

The National Insurance Crime Bureau is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting vehicle theft and fraud. Its VINCheck service allows consumers to run a VIN against its database of stolen but unrecovered or salvaged cars reported stolen; this free service will enable consumers to quickly determine whether or not a vehicle may have been involved in previous crashes, stolen at discounted prices, or sold at auction at reduced value.

The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) consists of nine digits that identify the vehicle manufacturer, model year, and body style. Four of these identify engine, transmission, and restraint systems, while one checks the authenticity of the VIN. The ninth digit serves as the check digit to validate the VIN as authentic.

A VIN decoder will give you essential details about a vehicle, while paid services offer more comprehensive insight. Such services will reveal its history and past damage – including mileage rollback suspicions, recalls, service agreements or repairs the car has received, and the type of service the VIN decoder was given.

VIN Lookup services allow users to enter a 17-character Vehicle Identification Number to generate a report about its history, which includes make and model information, assembly plant location details, country of origin information, as well as historical events or recall notices for that vehicle.


VIN checks are an invaluable asset to car buyers, helping you avoid scams and ensure a safer purchase experience. Enter the 17-digit vehicle identification number into a database to access information regarding its history, including past damages or mileage rollback. Many providers of free VIN checks exist – some more comprehensive than others.

A free VIN check provides essential vehicle details such as its make and model, year of manufacture, engine size, assembly plant location, and body style. It can also provide historical events like accidents and thefts; however, it does not include information regarding its past mechanical condition.

Various websites, including the National Insurance Crime Bureau and iSeeCars, provide free VIN checks. However, most only decode 15 characters of your VIN number. Others, like instaVIN and CarFax, offer more in-depth reports.

National Insurance Crime Bureau’s VINCheck service offers a free service that verifies vehicle titles by cross-referencing them against insurance records. As this does not query law enforcement records or insurance providers not participating in its program, stolen or salvaged vehicles may not appear in VINCheck results.


CarFax is an online vehicle history service that provides detailed information about any VIN provided. Since 1986, individuals and businesses alike have relied on CarFax’s database of over 31 billion records—the most extensive such collection in North America! This company also provides car listings and insurance estimates.

VIN lookups can provide an effective means of assessing whether or not a car has been involved in an accident; however, this should only serve as one piece of the puzzle. For an in-depth view, make sure that you speak to the seller and perform an extensive inspection of their vehicle; additionally, consider speaking with its current owner directly about any experiences associated with their ownership of it.

CarFax reports are essential when making any major purchase decision. They give you more knowledge about a car and help identify any possible pitfalls. However, certain events may not always be reported—for instance, dealerships might choose not to report specific accidents, while rental car fleets often rely on in-house insurance providers instead of reporting directly with CarFax.


VinPit is one of the premier sources for vehicle history information. It uses reliable database technology to deliver accurate and up-to-date vehicle details. In addition, this tool offers various VIN decoders tailored specifically to famous marques like BMW and Mercedes.

Vinpit provides an intuitive user experience, making it simple and fast to locate the information you need. Use it to check the status of any VIN number; its results will provide basic car facts like its real mileage and whether or not it has been reported stolen or lost, along with ownership cost data that helps estimate its cost to own.

VinPit stands out from other VIN checkers by not requiring complex registration or payment processes. Its site is simple and user-friendly, and results can be obtained within minutes. In addition to accurate information from its constantly updating database, features like a license plate lookup service and decoding option are provided at no additional charge.

A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a 17-digit code used to identify vehicles. First introduced in the 1980s as a way of tracking vehicles and preventing theft, VINs have since become essential components of purchasing used cars and help buyers avoid scams or potentially unsafe cars. Furthermore, free VIN checks provide another invaluable service: they allow consumers to determine if recalls have occurred on certain car models.