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Full Sheet Cake Prices at Grocery Stores


Sheet cakes are great options for significant events with many guests attending, though they can become costly if you select exotic cake and frosting flavors or intricate designs.

Whole Foods Market offers custom half and full-sheet cakes beginning at $50, including choices such as chocolate, celebration, and berry chantilly that are popular with their customers.

1. Shaw’s

Shaw’s total sheet cake prices may be more expensive than at other grocery stores, but you’ll get great value for your money. Additionally, Shaw’s offers an incredible variety of flavors and styles; anything from double-layer chocolate cake to personalized designer prints featuring Disney characters or princesses are available here – though, unfortunately, only within the New England region! Unfortunately, Shaw’s is currently limited by geography to New England residents only.

As of February 2011, Shaw’s had 169 locations throughout all of New England, with 12 in Rhode Island, 18 in Connecticut, and 34 (including 21 operating as Star Market) in Maine, and Vermont combined. Shaw’s has an extensive history of innovation within the supermarket industry with firsts such as air-conditioned stores, touch method ringing registers, in-store check verification services, refrigerated cooked foods, and self-service wrapped meats.

Recent innovation from this retailer came in the form of Signature, an exclusive private-label line with premium food products carefully sourced and selected to deliver superior quality and taste than many competing offerings.

Shaw’s Bakery offers more than cakes; their wide variety of bakery and catering items can help make planning for your graduation party simple and delicious! Their bakery stocks crowd-pleasing cupcakes and treats that will please guests, while pre-made vegetable and hummus platters make everything easy!

Shaw’s is one of the second-largest grocery chains in New England and operates under its parent company, SUPERVALU, located in Minnesota. Furthermore, this major supermarket chain’s stores are exclusively situated within New England – their closest competitor is Stop & Shop, which boasts more stores.

2. Market Basket

Market Basket is a beloved local supermarket and commuter food stop alike. Offering fresh bakery treats, frozen foods, meat, dairy, and produce to choose from, Market Basket provides services like grocery delivery and online ordering that make life easier while it stays open from early morning until late evening.

If you are planning a birthday party, why not consider purchasing a Market Basket cake? Not only is this dessert delicious, but its size makes it easy for anyone to decorate it as desired – from licensed characters and simple messages all the way down to having it pre-cut into uniform pieces! Plus, it makes buying one easier!

Market Basket bakery features several flavorful cupcakes that can be purchased in four-, eight-, or twelve-count packages for breakfast, snacking, or dessert – made with fresh ingredients that can be purchased directly at their bakery counter in local Market Basket stores.

Market Basket offers more than cakes; their bakery also has an assortment of chocolate chip cookies and classic sensation brownies, as well as fresh and flavorful muffins perfect for quick breakfast or snack needs.

Customers can also find an array of bakery treats, such as specialty cupcakes, iced donuts, and glazed pastries. Furthermore, customers can purchase fresh bread varieties like traditional white, wheat, and crusty sourdough loaves.

Market Basket was founded by Athanasios and Efrosini Demoulas in 1917 out of their vision and desire to serve their community. Since then, Market Basket has expanded into more than 140 stores throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, providing exceptional customer service as well as top-quality products at competitive prices.

Market Basket cakes may be slightly higher priced than Shaw’s cakes, yet they are still reasonably priced and tasty. Their customer service is exceptional, and they will gladly assist you in designing a custom cake to your specifications. Additionally, orders of $50 or more qualify for free shipping.

3. Wegmans

Wegmans is an all-purpose grocery store specializing in providing high-quality products, and its bakery section boasts an incredible variety of cakes to meet any special occasion or budget. Their cakes come with customizable flavors, frostings, fillings, and decorations, including round one and two-layer 7-inch cakes plus quarter, half-sheet cakes as well as gluten-free and vegan offerings – so no occasion goes unmet here!

Wegmans bakery also provides customized cakes that can be personalized for any special occasion, like graduation, retirement party, or baby shower. Choose a theme and upload photos; customize colors, designs, and messages; as well as select frosting/filling preferences such as chocolate or vanilla for your order – delivered either directly to your home or picked up at their store with DoorDash pickup/drop-off services available!

Wegmans offers an expansive selection of wedding and birthday cakes at competitive prices, all designed with you in mind. Choose between flowers, bows, or particular messages as the finishing touch – or use one as the centerpiece of a table at your event or party! A half-sheet cake can easily be cut into slices for each guest at your event – its price depends on the size, decoration, and customization you opt for.

Wegmans offers an assortment of cookie cakes for less formal events at prices lower than traditional bakery cakes. Additionally, Wegmans prides itself on being family-owned and operated, and its employees receive fair wages and benefits; as a result, this supermarket chain was recently recognized as being both a Best Workplace for Parents and a Top Company for Women.

Customers trust them for quality products and services, with an online ordering system designed for ease of use that lets customers place orders from home or workplace without hassle or confusion. Its website regularly updates to reflect the latest prices and promotions; additionally, customers can create shopping lists to make shopping trips more efficient than ever!

4. Publix

Publix grocery store chain is famous throughout the Southeast. Their bakery boasts a fantastic selection of cakes for every special event and is known for its high-quality offerings. Although their cakes may cost more than those at smaller bakeries, their quality more than makes up for any additional costs associated with ordering them directly or online. Customers can order in-store, by phone, or even select designs directly online!

One of the most sought-after Publix bakery cakes is a baby shower cake. These customizable creations can be decorated in various colors and styles to reflect both boys and girls, available as single or double-tiered cakes as well as sheet cakes with unique bunting decorations to commemorate any special celebrations.

Publix cake shop also offers graduation cakes that can be personalized to honor each graduate with their name and message of congratulations, complete with pictures. They even sell cupcakes that can add that personal touch.

Publix offers several options that will meet any budget for wedding cakes. Their delicious desserts are handmade using fresh ingredients and come in an array of shapes and sizes, making them the ideal addition to any celebration or event. Their lookbook contains popular designs; however, they will work with you to customize an order to match your look – you can even bring samples of your color palette into the store to help them check it better!

Publix bakeries also provide gourmet mini cakes that can serve up to 48 people for as little as $20 each. Half-sheet cakes typically serve around 30 people. When purchasing this size of cake from Publix, full-sheet sizes start from $20, and half-sheet cakes serve around 30 people at the start. Prices for half-sheet cakes usually begin around $25 as well.