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Hikvision Doorbell Cameras


Hikvision doorbell cameras provide you with an excellent way to monitor your doorstep. Notifications will alert you whenever someone or motion is detected nearby, while remote monitoring via NVR is also possible. Read the Best info about هایک ویژن.

This device can replace your existing doorbell and is compatible with iVMS-4200, Hikvision Views, and Hik-Connect mobile applications for compatibility. Featuring 1080p HD video with night vision as well as two-way communication.


The DS-HD1 doorbell camera is an innovative smart device that allows you to see who’s at your door. It works by connecting to existing wire and chime systems as well as wireless networks and using motion detectors to detect movement on your porch; when someone presses your doorbell, it will ding before automatically starting recording upon pressing. Furthermore, real-time alerts can be sent directly to mobile phones and tablets using wifi networks.

Advanced features make the DS-HD1 doorbell camera an excellent solution for home security needs, offering high resolution (up to 2MP) and night vision capabilities. Setup and usage are effortless: connect it to your wifi network, use its built-in microphone to easily hear visitors when they ring the doorbell, and keep tabs on all activity around your house with its comprehensive-angle view feature.

As opposed to other doorbell cameras, this one doesn’t require any monthly subscription. Instead, its recordings can be stored locally on your device, giving you access to them at any time. Plus, its motion detection technology alerts your smartphone whenever there’s any movement at your doorstep – giving you time to check live feed and interact with visitors remotely!

This intelligent and cost-effective home security device offers an easy, hassle-free solution. Easy to set up, this 2-way audio communication feature lets you communicate with visitors as well as answer their calls directly.

This device can be set up within minutes and connected to your wifi in minutes. With low power consumption and no battery consumption required, the Hik-Connect app on iOS or Android allows for configuration in minutes – you scan a QR code generated from it using your doorbell camera’s camera to complete the wifi connection process, failing which it cannot be added back by iVMS-4200 or Batch Configuration Tool again later on.


Hikvision’s DS-HD2 doorbell camera is an invaluable way to safeguard your home. It boasts HD video streaming powered by artificial intelligence so that you can always see what’s going on around your door any time of day or night – and an easy setup process, compatible with their Hik-Connect app for seamless control.

This 1080p HD Outdoor wifi Smart Doorbell features advanced motion/human detection that enables users to tailor and manage its detection area. Integrated microphones and speakers let users communicate with visitors via video call, as well as answer them remotely using voice commands. Furthermore, its easy setup features black, gray, and white faceplates to blend in seamlessly with any decor scheme.

Wifi doorbell cameras enable you to monitor your property in real-time from any internet-enabled device anywhere with access. They are an invaluable asset in areas with higher crime rates; 13.4% of burglaries occur between 10 p.m. and midnight alone! With this cutting-edge technology at your fingertips, defending your home with wifi doorbell cameras ensures you remain in complete control at all times!

Installing a wifi doorbell takes only 30 minutes and replaces your existing doorbell chime, connecting to your network and providing remote access. To set up, remove your old jingle, screw in its mounting plate, connect wiring, plug in the power supply, and make sure the red cable goes to (+) and black to (-).

Step two is downloading and using the Hik-Connect app to connect to wifif with your camera, scanning its QR code, and following its wizard to complete the Wi-Fi setup. Once this step is completed, you can begin monitoring your doorbell in real-time for added peace of mind, knowing your home is always secure – or receive calls alerting you of an attempted break-in!


Hikvision doorbell cameras offer much more than simple chiming gimmicks; they’re intelligent devices that allow you to see, speak with, record, and monitor anyone who comes near your home. In addition, these powerful security tools protect you against burglaries – particularly at night when burglaries are most likely to occur – by recording suspicious movements using its high-resolution fisheye camera and providing accurate time identification of criminals on your doorstep.

Pressing the call button triggers a live video stream on your mobile phone of who is outside, giving you peace of mind as to who’s there at your front door. A built-in microphone and speaker allow visitors to communicate directly, with 16 feet of coverage from IR LED lights providing up-close lighting for visitors as they come through your front door. Furthermore, its motion detector detects any movement – both people and pets!

Night Vision offers clear visibility of who is outside your house at night. Use the app to monitor who enters and exits at any given moment, check on your home at any given moment, access on-demand streaming video and two-way audio, as well as set a door-opening mode so it automatically calls you when someone presses the call button or rings the bell.

Installing this doorbell camera is easy and fast. Once you’ve established its installation height, line up its cable hole on the mounting template included with your kit with that of an existing chime’s cable hole on its cable hole mounting template, and connect old wiring. Finally, place the DS-HD1 over its mounting plate and plug in its power cord.

Once your installation is complete, the doorbell camera should be tested to make sure it’s functioning as it should be. Within several seconds after pressing and holding “RESET” for 15 seconds on its body’s side panel, a call from your smartphone should arrive from it; otherwise, it may need resetting; to reset, push and hold “RESET” until blue and red backlight cycles back and forth and you can verify it by visiting Hik-Connect app’s Activation page.


Hikvision’s DS-SD2 video doorbell allows you to monitor the front of your house quickly when away easily. Connected through wifi, this device lets you see who is coming close and speak with them using its built-in microphone and speaker; additionally, its adjustable alert area and night vision capabilities add another level of protection for your home.

The DS-SD2 comes in both black and white versions and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It boasts a 180-degree wide-angle lens with an infrared range of up to 16 feet, as well as dual-band wifi connectivity, noise suppression, echo cancellation, noise cancellation capabilities, and microSD card storage capability for video recordings.

Hik-Connect app for both iOS and Android allows for remote monitoring from a mobile phone, viewing live video from anywhere, and making settings adjustments, such as zoom adjustments. Furthermore, alarm triggers and user profiles can also be set up within this application.

In order to install your Hikvision doorbell camera, first loosen and retighten the screws on its rear panel. Next, drill a hole into your wall to mount your kit. Insert the power cables provided with your equipment into the screw holes provided within it before connecting them to its power connector.

Once you’ve installed your camera, the next step should be connecting it to your home network. To do this, launch the Hik-Connect app and go to its Home Page; from here, select “Set Device Password,” input a password for activating it, and tap “Activate.” Finally, tap on “Activate” to complete this process.

After signing in to your account, add the camera by selecting “+” from the upper right corner of the app. Either one-touch add or manually add (you will need IP address, username, and password information for the device). Once added, access its live stream from the Hik-Connect app or web interface.

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