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Hilti Demolition Hammer Rental


Hilti demolition hammers are indispensable tools for any construction worker. Used to break apart concrete slabs and walls, these heavy-duty power tools come in electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic varieties for maximum versatility. Choose the best Demolition Contractor Lexington.

These powerful, well-balanced tools can reach double the length of a regular rotary hammer and include dials that allow users to control speed.


For heavy-duty demolition hammer rentals, look no further than the Hilti TE 3000-AVR. It has enough power to pierce through large concrete walls with ease while also providing enough force for unhooking utility connections, trenching pipes, road building, and road trenching jobs, as well as excavation works and concrete repair jobs. This tool makes for ideal excavation work or concrete repair tasks.

This mighty yet lightweight rotary hammer offers effortless performance, easy maneuverability, and Active Vibration Reduction technology for less fatigued use. Plus, its brushless SR motor provides an extended lifespan while its electronics ensure consistent performance across various power supply situations.

If you are working with a small crew, this machine is an excellent choice. Light and compact enough to fit into a backpack for easy transport between sites, this detachable cord machine makes switching out cords accessible so tangled or broken cords don’t hinder productivity – plus, its detachable cord makes replacement easy as well. However, during operation, it does get hot/warm while producing grease occasionally- a fact that should be expected of such heavy-duty equipment.


Hilti demolition hammers pack plenty of power, and this one in particular. It is ideal for breaking concrete and masonry quickly and can be used as a jackhammer on giant slabs or asphalt surfaces. Additionally, its ergonomic design makes this tool easy to maneuver.

One of the most outstanding features of this rotary hammer is its Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) system, which helps minimize vibration felt by users. Standard on all Hilti breaker models and designed to reduce fatigue while increasing productivity by absorbing shock generated during breaking action and dispersing it evenly throughout its entirety.

Another key advantage of this hammer is its detachable cord, making it easier to use on any job site. Plugged in at the base of its handle and quickly changeable in seconds – saving time and helping meet OSHA’s new respirable crystalline silica dust requirements more effectively.

Rotary hammers can often get hot during use and spew grease at you when in use, but this Hilti demolition hammer does neither of these things. Furthermore, its quiet operation does not cause any discomfort to its user, making it an excellent option for breaking up concrete or other hard materials.


Your ideal demolition hammer should offer the perfect combination of power, weight, and control. At just 33 lbs, this lightweight model makes for easy maneuverability across a job site and delivers outstanding demolition performance in concrete floor slabs with exceptionally low 4.8m/s2 vibration through its sub-chassis AVR feature – not to mention quick replacement in case of damage or breakage thanks to detachable supply cord replacement that allows it to work on multiple power sources at the same time!


Hilti demolition hammers are engineered with Active Torque Control technology in mind to prevent this risk, monitoring motor speed and torque for any sudden rotation known as kickback that could potentially result in injury. Other safety functions include a maintenance-free brushless SR motor, detachable supply cord with quick TE S-connections, transport wheel for easy maneuvering, and compatibility with various chisels or bits – providing robust performance for heavy-duty tasks.

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