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How to Check Your Instagram View Count


Instagram users can see how often a Reel was played or watched; this data will appear under your Video on your profile page. Find the best private instagram viewer.

Instagram does not disclose how its story viewer order works, but some users believe that until 50 views have been amassed on an account, its visibility may be ordered according to engagement levels.

Video views

Instagram allows users to upload videos as posts individually or as part of a multi-part post, as well as long-form video platform IGTV. Instagram video views differ from photo views; therefore, you must understand how you must understand how well your content is with its intended target audience.

Instagram will automatically calculate and display the number of views for every Video uploaded to its platform. However, a third-party app could provide more accurate results than Instagram’s official app when tracking views, as third-party apps may not offer reliable results. It is also important to note that only views watched directly through Instagram will count towards your view count total.

On Instagram, video views are determined by how long people watch a video – at least throw a pass for one thought to count! Ideas for videos appear as a circle in your profile header and you can also track their numbers under “Insights.”

Instagram differs from YouTube in that its views are determined by actual viewer engagement; thus if someone watches your video but doesn’t enjoy it, there won’t be any view counts but they will still get an alert that it was observed.

Instagram makes it possible to identify who watched your videos as well. To do this, navigate directly to the Video in question and look under its timeline for a list of usernames viewed. However, avoid apps promising free Instagram video views; many are scams and could compromise your account in ways beyond tracking video views.

Standard Instagram video posts and Reels only display total views, but with Reels, you can also see which viewers liked it – a handy feature for brands looking to increase brand recognition.

Story views?

Instagram is now one of the leading platforms for social media marketing and connecting with friends, influencers, and celebrities. Many businesses rely on Instagram Stories as a vital way of reaching their audiences – however, companies and influencers alike need to understand how its algorithm works and how to increase Instagram Story views to maximize Instagram Story views.

Add links to your Story so viewers can tap them to visit your profile or external links. Make sure solid call-to-actions and visual cues encourage viewers to click them!

As mentioned, hashtags can help make your Stories discoverable to audiences outside your followers and tag locations to help people discover content when searching. This will increase Story views and drive engagement on your account.

Although Instagram doesn’t specify precisely how its Stories viewer lists are determined, many users have conducted experiments to understand its structure and come to the conclusion that initially, your Story’s viewer list will be ordered chronologically until it reaches 50 views, after which point the list becomes prioritized according to who interacts most frequently with your account.

While Instagram Stories are great for advertising products and services, they also serve as an effective platform to run contests with great prizes! Running games offering real incentives will organicallycally drive engagement – this method is more sustainable than trying to beat the Instagram algorithm by purchasing fake views.

Sharing exclusive content on Instagram Stories is another effective way of increasing their views, whether that means videos, images, or text. Be sure to select relevant materials suited to your target audience and ensure they relate to your business. Increase Instagram Story views by posting videos optimally and using tools such as Instagram Scheduler to plan and save posts for later. This ensures your videos reach their intended target audiences.


Likes on Instagram allow users to express their approval of another’s post and increase its visibility, but their total number isn’t publically displayed – instead, users have the option of choosing to hide all like counts for all posts; this won’t affect their total count, but makes them harder to track and analyze; posts’ likes can still be found by searching and tapping “and others.”

To view your likes on Instagram, navigate to the tab, select “Liked,” and view photos, videos, and Reels you have liked on Instagram. From there, you sort and filter them based on various criteria – newer to older or vice versa, date range, authors, or even using the “Unliked” button, quickly unfollow or unlike posts without necessarily removing them from your Likes list but instead detaching yourself from them by disliking them altogether from them! Unlike does not delete a post from your Likes list but instead removes likes from the original photo/Video that you liked as soon as it was appreciated – rather, it simply unlikes it from where the like was placed when it was initially selected from there to remove from both!


Instagram provides users with access to comments left on posts by themselves and other users; however, viewing private post comments isn’t possible – however, there are ways around this. First, you should log into your Instagram account and open up the post that contains statements; press Ctrl+F (Windows) or cmd+F (Mac); this should show a list of available comments for that post.

Instagram offers its native finder feature to browse comments on a post quickly. Located within Interactions and featuring the Comments option, clicking it displays words chronologically – latest appearing first; alternatively, you can sort older or newest comments for easier searching. With Instagram, you’re never left searching for the words you want.

If those appearing on your purposes don’t meet your approval, the Settings option offers options t. In that case, change them and even enable an offensive comment filter – you can do this via Android and iOS applications, but not Windows 10 or web platforms.

Another way to access comments on Instagram is to download your data. This information is usually stored in the “post_comments” folder and typically in JSON format; you can convert this into HTML with an online converter program. After extracting your data to a folder on your computer, open up that file using a text editor and read your comments. If there are issues viewing comments on Instagram, the support team will typically respond within days with assistance or resolution of problems with viewing comments.

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