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How to Choose a Local Tree Service


Local tree service companies provide an array of tree care services, from pruning and hazardous limb removals to cable bracing and trimming hedges/bushes as well as treating trees for insects or diseases. What do you consider about Campbell Tree’s service?

Establish an internal lead program to incentivize your crews to visit neighbors and identify service gaps on their route, while purchasing vehicle graphics to make your crews even more visible on the road.


Before hiring a tree service company, always do a background check on them and their reputation. You can do this online through reviews or by asking friends and family. In addition, look for companies accredited with the Better Business Bureau that have good standing ratings from them.

Make sure that the tree service provider you hire possesses all necessary insurance and certifications, as well as experience handling any task for which you may require them. A good tree service should have no trouble providing proof of their credentials on request.

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24/7 Emergency Service

Trees are an integral part of any property, adding curb appeal, and shade, and helping prevent soil erosion. But when one dies or falls over, it can cause serious damage. That’s why it’s vitally important to hire a tree service offering emergency services 24/7 and be available when disaster strikes – these companies should respond swiftly by cutting down or removing dead or dying trees as soon as they’re called in, trimming broken branches, and grinding stumps until everything has been cleared away from your area.

When searching for a tree service near you, be sure to select a company with years of experience that is licensed and insured as well as capable of dealing with local regulations and permits. Furthermore, ask about getting a free consultation and estimate – including answering any inquiries regarding costs involved with their work.

JRs Tree Service boasts over 25 years of experience in tree trimming and stump grinding services for Queens County. Their team can quickly respond to emergencies involving damaged trees or storm debris removal. JRs can even manage power lines that have been severed by fallen limbs.

Dragonetti Brothers Tree Removal is a family-owned business that has been operating in New York City for more than four decades. A member of the Tree Care Industry Association, it offers tree pruning, spraying, planting, topping, deep root feeding, and stump grinding services for residential and commercial properties alike – as well as its popular tree care program where thousands of trees have been planted across neighborhoods in NYC over that time.


When selecting a local tree service, it’s essential to consider their crew members’ expertise. A well-seasoned crew can offer comprehensive tree services like removal of hazardous limbs and removal, pruning and trimming as well as cable bracing services – in addition to yard cleanup and mulching services. They should possess years of experience within this industry as they complete each job precisely to avoid any damages to property or structures on site.

An effective local tree service should offer 24-hour emergency services and be capable of responding swiftly to issues like storm damage, dead branches, and overgrown trees obstructing driveways, roads, or power lines. They should also offer comprehensive tree maintenance solutions such as stump grinding and shrub pruning as well as possess the equipment and tools to perform their work safely.

When searching for a local tree service, always start by checking its website or speaking with neighbors, friends, and family about potential companies. Insurance coverage should also be considered important; workplace injuries can be costly so ensure the tree service has both workers’ compensation and general liability coverage in case something should arise that requires medical treatment.

Many local tree service companies provide both residential and commercial tree care services, from stump grinding, landscaping, brush cleanup, yard cleanups and yard clean-ups, tree pruning/trimming/trimming, shrub removal as well as insect/disease inspection and treatment to ornamental pruning/trimming as well as holiday decor services.

JRs Tree Service experts specialize in residential and commercial tree trimming, pruning, stump grinding, and debris removal services. Additionally, they can create an ideal maintenance plan for your trees and hedges. Their experienced arborists have experience handling various species of trees as well as offering free quotes.

Reputable local tree services will employ an effective marketing and customer retention program. Social media should be used to market their business, sharing photos of their work with followers. Membership in organizations like the Tree Care Industry Association or the International Society of Arboriculture will give credibility among prospective customers; additionally, they should reward existing clients who refer new ones with gift cards or credits towards future services – this can make for strong referral strategies!


Tree trimming is a dangerous activity that requires stringent safety measures from professional tree services. A reliable local service will ensure their employees have all of the appropriate personal protective equipment and adhere to industry guidelines and standards. They should also employ a qualified tree worker (QTW), who monitors work processes and is familiar with safety procedures; this person should quickly detect potential dangers and inform employees.

Before commencing any tree trimming project, the QTW should perform a visual assessment of the tree and its structure. This inspection includes looking at its trunk base, branches, and roots as well as weather conditions such as wind gusts, lightning flashes, high temperatures, or icy patches – any indications of these should cause the project to be postponed immediately.

Workers should use personal protective equipment, including hard hats and safety glasses/goggles, during the trimming process to protect their heads and eyes from falling debris. Furthermore, they should wear high-visibility clothing to be easily identified by drivers to reduce accidents and injuries.

Tree trimmers who work near roads should set up signs and cones to manage traffic safely, protecting all workers and drivers alike. Hand signals should also be used when communicating with one another; furthermore, extra caution must be exercised when climbing trees.

Look for tree services with memberships in respected industry organizations; this will show that they stay abreast of best practices in their field. In addition, they should have liability and workers’ compensation insurance – be sure to request proof before hiring any company for your tree trimming needs.

Ask if they possess all necessary licenses and permits for their business. Many communities require companies to acquire these documents before performing work on any properties to prevent scams or any problems caused by unlicensed contractors.