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How to Do an Immigration Status Check Online


Your immigration status in the US determines your eligibility to become either a citizen, permanent resident, or undocumented immigrant. Citizenship can be obtained either through birth or naturalization, while permanent residents can legally live and work in the country with a valid visa. Often the Amazing fact about نتایج لاتاری.

Aspiring permanent residents must secure a sponsor, demonstrate the legitimacy of the relationship, and meet income requirements in order to become permanent residents. There are various methods available for checking immigration status, such as online tools like myUSCIS.

Obtaining a Receipt Number

Once your application or petition has been sent to USCIS, they will issue a receipt notice that confirms the processing of your materials. Included with this document is an exclusive 13-digit receipt number essential for tracking future case status updates online. You must store this receipt notice safely and notify them if your address changes immediately upon moving.

Your receipt number typically begins with three letters that indicate which service center is handling your case; these may be TSC (Texas Service Center), CSC (California Service Center), or NBC (National Benefits Center). After that comes two digits indicating which fiscal year your case was received before ending with five more digits to indicate its specific case number.

USCIS’s free online tool makes it easy to check your immigration status online by simply inputting your receipt number. It will then display your current situation, providing insights, guidelines for any further actions you should take, and reminders to update personal details such as addresses.

Alternatively, USCIS provides an automated telephone line where you can seek an update on the status of your case. When calling USCIS’ automatic telephone line for this update, make sure to have your receipt number ready as you will need to answer several questions about your case and may also need to provide personal details such as name, date of birth, and alien number (if applicable). Alternatively, visit one of its Field Offices near you to inquire directly into immigration status status checks.

Using the Case Status Tracker Tool

The Case Status Tracker Tool provides a convenient and accessible way of staying informed about your immigration application status. Available through the USCIS website, this free tool enables you to enter your 13-digit receipt number to keep up-to-date on its progress and also discover processing times across service centers.

Your case status can also be checked by contacting the USCIS customer service center either via telephone or by letter. When calling, ensure you have your receipt number ready as well as any pertinent details; when writing, include your full name, date of birth, alien registration number (A-Number), filing date, and receipt number in your letter – and attach a photocopy of your receipt notice if possible to speed up this inquiry process.

Regularly reviewing your immigration status is vital. If your case seems stalled or has yet to move for some time, consult a knowledgeable attorney for guidance, and they may help identify if any issues need addressing and find possible solutions for them. Doing this will allow you to take the necessary steps before any deadlines or additional requirements come due.


When checking your immigration case status online, you must have all of the relevant information at hand. Your receipt number, which consists of three letters followed by ten numbers, should have been included with the notification letter from USCIS when they accepted your application form. Knowing which processing center handles your case also proves helpful; your notification letter should specify whether WAC, LIN, SRC EAC or NBC are holding it for you.

For those in search of more detailed updates on their case status, myUSCIS offers real-time updates regarding immigration cases such as green card and citizenship applications. Accessible free of charge via any computer or mobile device, this site also provides real-time status reports of case filings submitted for processing by myUSCIS.

USCIS strongly advocates the creation of online accounts to manage interactions with the agency. New visa applicants will be guided through the creation process and issued a 12-digit online account number; this number differs from an alien registration or receipt number as it serves only as identification for their online profile.

This online portal helps to facilitate digital interactions with USCIS, providing many advantages such as improved communication and timely updates. Furthermore, it serves as a repository of information regarding USCIS services, field office locations, and customer support avenues.

Using the Mail

If you prefer traditional forms, place your completed application, petition, or request in an envelope addressed directly to USCIS at its listed address on its webpage. Include a cover letter labeled as such (Brief for Appeal/Motion), with additional addresses of any other parties who should receive copies of your filing. Once sent via courier such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL, follow their tracking numbers until USCIS receives your submission; once accepted, they will provide notification either electronically or by mail of action taken against it.

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