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How to travel- Few Amazing tips to consider



How to travel? The most researched question on google. Who does not like to travel? But before going traveling, there are multiple things that you need to follow. How to travel, what would be your destination, how you will reach there, where you will stay, costing, etc. Especially now, when the entire world is suffering from a deadly pandemic.

How To Travel – You can go for a tour, but precaution is a must. I am writing the review only because I love to travel, and people who love to travel like me for them will be very much beneficial. I have many travel tips to share with you all. Which will be helpful during travel time? So without further ado, let’s get started,

How To Travel

How to travel- Important tips to follow before you start traveling

Get your travel insurance done- Most people think that travel insurance is not that important, but trust me, guys, this is a vital thing when you are traveling. Especially when you are going out of the country. Multiple travel insurance is there; some provide medical coverage, lost luggage compensation, or trip cancellation compensation.

Must have an international driver’s license – Whenever you are on a trip, you must know How to travel and where to travel. Not every country needs an international driver’s license. But it’s good to have one.

Print the accommodation reservation– A photocopy of the reservation is a must. Make sure you have it on your phone or on your laptop. A hard copy will also do.

Travelcard or currency– Earlier, we used to carry cash or travelers’ cheques as a fund. But now those days are gone. Now you can carry travel cards, credit cards, ATMs as well. Get your money access in every corner of the world. Load the currency in your travel card and use the card as a debit or credit card.

How To Travel

Research thoroughly about your destination

This is the most crucial thing that you need to do; know How to travel?

Geographical climate- Know about your destination well. Research about the climate, the best time to visit. So research the geographical location before you travel.

Where you should eat- for nonvegetarian enormous places you would find, but for vegetarian or vegan have limited options. So research before you go for it.

How will you reach your destination?– By which mode will you travel? Road/train or flight?

How do you communicate?How to travel within the city? If you are alone then try metro; I am sure you will like it and meet new people every day, interacting with them is really cool.

Take care of yourself during the pandemic– We are going through a very tough situation. When taking care of ourselves is the most important thing. As we all know that covid 19 affect many organs in your body, so take care of yourself and others as well. Wear a mask, carry sanitizer. When you are traveling on public transport, use sanitizer spray to sanitize the seat. Wear a face shield, gloves.

As the virus spreads from man to man, so maintain social distancing. Many hotels will ask for the RTPCR test report. So before you commence your journey go and test. So that you can show the report if you are required to show it!

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Can I make money by traveling?

Yes, you can like travel bloggers do.

What are the Important documents you need to carry while traveling?

Your identity proof, ATM, credit card, Passport, visa

Is it important to carry extra hard copies of important documents?

Yes, always carry extra hardcopy printouts of all the important documents.