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M.E Fisher Funeral Home Obituaries


M.E. Fisher Funeral Home offers funeral arrangements and cremation options that offer families comfort during grief, including traditional structures and pre-planning assistance. They also provide pre-planning support.

According to the Funeral Rule, M.E. Fisher Funeral Home must provide a general price list when someone inquires about its services, which must be provided in writing.


Fisher Funeral Home can assist in honoring the life of your deceased loved one through meaningful ceremonies that allow families to begin healing and move on from loss. Their staff crafts meaningful traditions tailored to every budget and faith imaginable.

M.E. Fisher Funeral Home’s staff is committed to serving their community with dignity and professionalism, offering customers only the highest quality of service, being available around the clock for questions or any issues that may arise, understanding a range of religious traditions and customs, providing personalized funeral services that honor loved ones’ memories, as per “The Funeral Rule.” Upon request from potential customers, they will also offer their general price list that should help inform decisions, which can also be provided over the phone as part of arrangements made over time or sent at this point during meetings as required by this rule – both versions will arrive later!

General Price List

M.E. Fisher Funeral Home provides families in times of grief with the full range of funeral and cremation services, as well as pre-planning assistance and other related support. Their staff offers traditional arrangements and cremation services with dedication and reliability – they pride themselves on serving the community with sincerity and dependability.

Below are prices derived from M.E. Fisher Funeral Home, Inc.’s General Price List; however, as they often offer customized packages at special rates, it is wise to contact them directly for a more accurate quote.

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An intimate funeral service can be an important milestone in life; therefore, funeral homes play an integral part in helping their clients create an event to honor the memory of those they have lost.

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As well as traditional funeral services, this company also offers cremation and memorial ceremonies to help grieving loved ones begin healing after losing a loved one. They serve families from diverse backgrounds and faiths with an appropriate ceremony celebrating your departed loved one’s life with dignity and honor.

Staff members at this company are dedicated to serving their community with honesty and reliability, offering services designed to meet any family’s religion, culture, or budget needs. Their specialty is creating personalized tribute videos for families with memories that bring comfort and peace during grief.

Federal regulations require this funeral home to provide a General Price List (GPL) to anyone inquiring about their services – this can be requested in person, over the phone, or by email – protecting customers from being deceived during an emotionally trying time. By requesting their GPL, you can be confident you’re getting accurate and relevant information regarding costs and services provided by M.E. Fisher Funeral Home Inc. All prices listed on this page reflect M.E Fisher Funeral Home Inc.’s General Price List


Fisher Funeral Home of Albany, Oregon, provides funeral services and pre-planning assistance to its community. A longstanding family business, Fisher offers an array of services tailored to the specific needs of every family in its community – from simple to traditional funerals – with cost-efficient options to make funeral planning more manageable for families.

This funeral home specializes in traditional and cremation services, featuring an indoor chapel, outdoor memorial park, and pre-planning facility. Additionally, they provide customers with a selection of urns and grave markers. Their staff members are committed to offering comfort and guidance during grief, treating each family with kindness and dignity.

If you are searching for a funeral home, they must be licensed and insured to protect you from being misled during this difficult time. Under The Funeral Rule, funeral homes must disclose their prices to all consumers by providing a General Price List upon request, whether or not services will be purchased from them. To help all families select the most suitable funeral home for their loved ones. For questions, please call or visit their website directly, where their staff can respond quickly with answers through contact forms on their websites.