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Skylum Photolemur – the best pic editor!


Do you know about the Skylum Photolemur? Whenever it comes to photo editing, there are a plethora of apps available. From Photoshop to Lightroom, there is an innumerable number of photo editing tools. But with SkylumPhotolemur, the entire task of editing a photo will seem to be a small cup of tea. According to my, it is one of the highly remarkable innovations of the latest technology.

Why I Prefer Going with Skylum Photolemur?

Photo editing, in my opinion, is inclusive of an innumerable number of tasks. From changing shades to colours, every activity is exclusively essential. If any one of the tasks gets overlooked, the entire project may prove to be a failure. Earlier, editing a photo was a herculean task for me.

I used to spend hours with hardly any output visible. Once, while editing my black-n-white photo of my school days, I was referred to Skylum Photolemur. Surprisingly, the entire task of photo editing became too easy for me. Using this package did not demand learning complex functionality. 

Analysis along with Photo Correction and Enhancement Became Easy

Though new into the market, Skylum Photolemur is one of the highly demandable photos is enhancing software tools. Its usage is inclusive of extra-ordinary algorithms and artificial intelligence to carry on with the task of corrections and enhancement with ease. Presently, the software is available for PC users. Mac users may also expect to enjoy the benefits of this software package.

A single license can be easily purchased by paying a nominal premium. Whenever it comes to functionality, Photolemur has proved to be the best universally. I just dragged and dropped the photo that requires editing. By making a detailed analysis of colours and faces and skies; enhancing the image as per need will become easy. 

Also, fixing problems in photos like blurring and dullness can be easily repaired. Once I was done with importing the images, editing the same became easy in a single chance. If it is more than one, then the editing will take place one by one. 

What are the Formats Supported by Skylum Photolemur?

One feature that surprised me with Skylum Photolemur is that all formats, including RAW files, are supportive. Hence, users will be able to edit any photos belonging to any type with ease and comfort. Once done with the uploading of the image, you need to devote some time of a few seconds to carry on with editing.

Finally, you will come across the most desired type of photo that will lure your eyes in the best possible manner. Before finalizing, you will be shown a preview of the image you will be getting as an output. If you are not happy with the production, you may post the photo again for re-editing purposes. 

Is it Possible to Adjust the Changes Individually?

Regarding the adjustment of enhancement, you must click the paintbrush below the screen of Skylum Photolemur. Based on your taste, you will be able to make necessary adjustments to the photos as desired. But, you will not be able to adjust your changes one-by-one. 

Along with editing the exposure, the software will perform a pretty job by popping the skies and fixing exposure issues. As every task will get done automatically, you need not pain your hands and eyes to carry on with the photo editing you used to do earlier. 


Is SkylumPhotolemur available free of cost?

No, you need to pay a small premium amount for purchasing the decent version of Skylum Photolemur. If you purchase in a group of five (maximum), the cost will get reduced.

Does Photolemur help in fixing skin and other imperfections?

Yes, you will be able to whiten teeth as well.

Will I be able to make changes to the hair of a model?

Yes, of course. You will be able to change the color of hair through few clicks.