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The Guardzilla App – Stay in Control of Your Home Without Breaking the Bank


Guardzilla makes it possible to protect their homes without incurring excessive costs or complex installation. We simplify burglar deterrence so you can rest easy knowing you have control of your property without breaking the bank!

Guardzilla provides remote monitoring for homes and offices, with unique features designed to discourage thieves, such as an alarm that acts as a deterrent.

Motion Detection

The Guardzilla app makes home monitoring accessible anytime, day or night, from wherever you may be. At less than $100 and without monthly fees, this system provides 24-hour home monitoring wherever possible. Equipped with an audible siren that deters intruders from entering, installation takes only minutes – arming or disarming can even be managed from your phone!

The Guardzilla camera uses motion detection to capture video clips when motion is detected and save them onto its memory card. You can activate three programmable call buttons through its app to quickly call for help or broadcast your voice to the room to scare away intruders with its powerful 100dB siren that is sure to frighten off most criminals – plus its corded power outlet or rechargeable battery backup mode can accommodate either solution!

As well as detecting motion, this app enables automatic arming and offers two days of free cloud storage for videos. Push notifications, text messages, emails, and automated phone calls will notify of intruder activity, as will automated phone calls from its alert feature. Furthermore, it’s compatible with iSmartAlarm devices and offers up to 24 hours of cellular backup in case of power outages.

Guardzilla can be found on the Google Play Store, so to download it, open up the Google Play app and search for “Guardzilla.” When you find it, tap “Install.” A pop-up window may appear asking you for permission to start the installation process, and when complete, a notification will come letting you know it has been successfully installed.

Audio Detection

Guardzilla provides an extensive array of home security devices. Additionally, the company produces connected lighting, thermostats, and other gadgets.

The Guardzilla app is user-friendly and feature-packed. It provides live video streaming of your home, alerts, event notifications, audio monitoring, and two-way talk capabilities. It integrates with third-party smart home devices, including IFTTT and Alexa, for seamless home monitoring.

This app includes several alarm options, from high-pitched tones to traditional 90dB alarms. Furthermore, you can select how you would like to receive alerts: phone call, email, or push notification through your smartphone app – you can even opt out if any alerts become bothersome to you.

Guardzilla devices can be added to your home network in up to five instances; however, the company recommends no more than four. Each Guardzilla has an internal cellular connection that acts as a backup should your Wi-Fi go down or become unavailable; their app also features an auto-arm function that automatically connects when you leave home; you can delegate access by providing their email addresses in the shared section of their account.

Although Guardzilla has some minor drawbacks, it remains an ideal choice for monitoring homes from around the world. Its setup process is straightforward, while app crashes on specific mobile phones are infrequent compared to competitors; overall, it provides reliable surveillance services.

Two-Way Talk

Guardzilla is a DIY system that works with your smartphone to alert you of movement and sound in and around your home. Requiring no subscription, its features include live video streaming, two-way talk, motion detection, remote access, and live video streaming – with some users reporting difficulty in understanding its interpretation of sound or image data as it sometimes fails to deliver notifications.

Guardzilla allows you to watch your pet while away at work or on vacation, with built-in speaker and microphone capabilities so you can listen in on or communicate directly with your dog or cat. While the sound quality may not be high-end, it should suffice for short conversations; plus, the two-way talk feature can put your pets’ minds at ease when they aren’t home!

Though this system may not offer as much sophistication as some counterparts, setting up Guardzilla is straightforward and user-friendly. Once out of the box, a quick guide provides easy instructions to help set it up quickly: connect device, download the Guardzilla app, join a temporary WiFi network, and then follow along with the configuration wizard for permanent LAN setup.

If you want a more comprehensive solution, free apps such as Manything (iOS-only), Presence, and Salient Eye provide much more functionality than the Guardzilla app – they may also require an extra device. Or opt for a professional monitoring service. iSmartAlarm Home is an economical alternative offering remote arming capabilities, visitor alerts, door lock unlocking/unlocking, and phone answering capabilities as well as answering. However, it should be noted that its flagship device may contain serious security flaws.

Scheduled Auto-Arming

Arming reminders can either be time-based (for instance, your system may remind you to arm before 10 PM each evening) or location-based (using your phone’s GPS). If using location-based reminders with Geo-Fences provides added peace of mind, once the system is armed when leaving and disarmed when returning home, this feature could save lives with small children!

The Guardzilla app is highly comprehensive, enabling you to customize settings and features such as motion and audio detection sensitivity, picture quality, and device passwords, and assign contacts for each of the pyramid’s three programmable call buttons – although this feature wasn’t fully operational during my test sample, it may come in handy in deterring intruders by activating its built-in 90-decibel siren.

For setting a schedule, visit the Weekly Schedule screen. Begin by turning Arming (green toggle at top), and select a day and time that works for you – The clock displays AM as the default time – you can adjust this by dragging its hands up or down as required.

Guardzilla’s app boasts an attractive and straightforward user experience, featuring large Arm/Disarm, Monitor, Activity Log, and Settings buttons on its main screen for convenient operation. Advanced options like setting and managing Geo-Fences are also accessible here; unfortunately, during my testing of it on an iPhone X, it still crashed occasionally; thankfully, they’re constantly working to improve it. At press time, there was an upgrade to provide two-way audio functionality promised on pyramid packaging.

Two-Day Storage

Guardzilla stands apart from other smart home security systems by not requiring monthly fees for cloud storage. Instead, two days’ free video clip storage is included as an added feature for those concerned about privacy and wanting to ensure their safety. Its mobile app will handle arming or disarming when leaving or returning home by tracking your proximity and automatically arming or disarming accordingly.

The Guardzilla device is simple, providing clear images of your home. Equipped with a motion detector to alert you of any movement an intruder is entering, and a speaker built into the device for communication purposes and speaking directly with visitors, the device also allows for voicemail communications and monitoring children or pets while you’re away.

This device comes in an attractive cylindrical package resembling audio-conferencing hardware in offices. It has three programmable call buttons that you can use to send push notifications directly to someone with the Guardzilla app installed on their smartphone and start a two-way conversation while monitoring live footage of your home from anywhere around the globe.

The Guardzilla app is user-friendly and includes clear instructions for first-time setup, making it compatible with Nest, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings devices and integrations such as IFTTT. Furthermore, a comprehensive settings suite enables users to tailor the device according to their requirements.