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Will wax liquidizer work with vape?


Wax liquidizer is a blend of different ingredients that are used to bind together different elements of vape juice that people use for the sake of enabling a dedicated flavor for their vape sessions. It is a cheap alternative to costly vape juice and allows users to make their own blends.

You might have seen people that consume cigarettes and have kind of become an expert on the subject, rolling their own cigarettes by adding a careful blend of tobacco and stuff. And you might have seen them doing so more often than not, the same is true for the vape enthusiasts. Most people just like to buy whatever vape juice they want online or from a commercial store but some develop their own via wax liquidizer.

Can you use it with a vape?

Wax liquidizer is made up of a proprietary blend of ingredients having the lab-grade propylene present in it. Propylene Glycol has been rendered safe by food and drug authority for human consumption and it is safer than vegetable glycerin that is an alternative to wax liquidizer used in vape juice manufacturing. Other than that propylene glycol is also extremely stable as compared with vegetable glycerin.

You can use the wax liquidizer with almost every vape tank or pen. The best way to use it is to start at a very low to moderate voltage and then increase as you go with it. This way you will be able to get the best flavor out of your concentrate. As for the sub-ohm tanks, the use of a wax liquidizer is not recommended because you would likely get a very burnt and harsh taste out of it. When you do make sure that the coil is not burnt too and in many cases, you would have to replace the coil.

How to use a wax liquidizer to develop vape juice?

Wax liquidizer can be used for the sake of developing your own vape juice by pouring it in minute concentration over the concentrate that you have. It could be a particular vape concentrate for a specific flavor, some wax, or even a flavored oil of some capacity and you can mix these with the wax liquidizer to develop your own vape juices.


The Wax liquidizer on its own is odorless which means that it will only impart the flavor of the concentrate that you have used it with. It is a bit of a detailed process for sure but think of all the money that you will be able to save going with the development of your own vape juice. Following are two safe methods for the sake of developing your own vape juice using the wax liquidizers;

Developing vape juice using the microwave

Take a shot glass and now add 2ml of the liquidizer wax into it. After that add exactly one gram of your concentrate that you want to use. Take the glass and heat it into the microwave for about 10 seconds, take it out, and don’t allow it to cool. Instead, stir it with a stainless steel spoon or tool of some sort and stir it until it has reached a homogeneous consistency. You can now take this vape oil with the help of a measuring syringe and add it to your vaporizer to enjoy the bursting new flavor.

Using water steam to develop vape oil

For those who don’t have a microwave with them and would still like to work with a wax liquidizer, they can use a simple water heating pot to do so. Fill the water heating pot only minutely and keep it on the burner, now take the shot glass to add 2ml of liquidized wax and 1 gram of the concentrate into it. Stir the mixture continuously to make the mixing consistent and when it is homogenous take it out and fill your vape with it to enjoy your newly crafted vape oil.

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